UFO Over Lunar Surface Watching Apollo 15, Jan 2017, Video

[My Comment: I do not use the word aliens. I say Galactic brothers and sisters or Galactic friends(Galactic Federation of Light). They have saved Humanity and Mother earth many times.  They do lots of work for us and Mother earth. We should be very thankful for this. I send them Love and Light. /TheLightHasWon] 


Date of discovery: Jan 2017Location of discovery: Earths MoonPhoto: Apollo Image AS15-M-1510Great News, Streetcap1 of Youtube is going to be a a TV show about aliens soon. He is an awesome alien artefact hunter with years of experience and loads of success. Awesome he is getting the recognition he deserves. Scott C. WaringStreetcap1 States: A strange Object on…

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