Daily Message ~ Monday September 18, 2017

If you are feeling particularly stuck in one area of your life, we encourage you to find one thing that you can do differently about the situation. What can you commit to for your own wellness and satisfaction? Can you create a new affirmation that feels energetically good to you when you say it? Can…Read more

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Daily Message ~ Thursday September 14, 2017

If navigating your life feels somewhat different now, it is because you have moved beyond predestination to creation. Let us explain what this means. For the first phase of your incarnation you had a great many things you wished to accomplish and experience. You might consider it to be your soul’s to-do list. You had…Read more

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday September 13, 2017

Please understand you continue to be on the receiving end of unprecedented energies. It is a complex process as your body integrates these energies. It is a far easier process if you create the ideal conditions for you to do so. This means making time to be still, to rest, to align, to give your body what it is asking for, to trust in your own wisdom to navigate this all seamlessly, and to know the universe is assisting you in all of it.

You have had so much practice releasing and integrating energies over the past few years, you have become very adept at it, which is allowing you to take on more and more. Your ability to move with the process will serve you well, as it is a skill that you will be able to apply to other areas of your life, as well.

So for now, be the expert on you. You are your own energetic master. You know intuitively what you need to create the perfect environment for your shifting to occur with the greatest grace and ease possible. These are intense times for you, Dear Ones, but the intensity is showing just you how much assistance you are getting from a universe that only wants to serve you and see you succeed in your heart’s desire – being an ascending human being on an ascending planet. ~Archangel Gabriel



Daily Message ~ Monday September 11, 2017

Dear Ones, you do not need to have all of the answers right now. You simply need to listen to the wisdom and guidance of your heart. It will always, always get you to where your soul wishes to go. ~Archangel Gabriel



Daily Message ~ Saturday September 9, 2017

Holding the space from an empowered place of balance, faith, and trust, is a powerful act of love for everyone involved. ~Archangel Gabriel http://trinityesoterics.com/2017/09/09/daily-message-saturday-september-9-2017/ Category: Trinity Esoterics

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Daily Message ~ Energetic Intensity – Wednesday September 6, 2017

During times of energetic intensity, it can get overwhelming particularly if you are caught up in the unknowns of the future. When times get chaotic it is time to strip things down to basics. Simply take things one now moment at a time. Breathe. Trust. Align. Connect with your core truths and remember what you…Read more

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday September 5, 2017

So many of you have completed one phase of your journey and are anxious for the next phase to begin. You are yearning for new experiences and potentials, new timelines, if you will.

So how do you shift into the new timelines? By surrender, faith, flow, trust, and intention. If you are using those navigational tools, you are poised and ready to move as soon as the elements have come together behind the scenes.

It takes all of the guess work out of things, you see, when you practice surrender, faith, flow, and trust, along with your intention. You know you are primed and ready to move the second the energies support it. You can then simply stay present and engaged in the Now moment until then, following the signs and synchronicities, giving your feedback through gratitude, and doing whatever brings you comfort and joy with your day.

Do you see? Your intention is how you co-create. Your surrender, faith, flow, and trust is your willingness to experience the new. Together they are the operating system of the fully empowered human being. ~Archangel Gabriel


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Daily Message ~ Wednesday August 30, 2017

In times of energetic intensity, self care is key. Not just physical self care, but also emotional self care. Many old issues, wounds, fears, and concerns may come up for examination, healing, and release. This process does not need to be traumatic if you are approaching it from a place of balance and love.

If something comes up that is unpleasant or activating to you, we invite you to ask it the following questions. What do you need to feel safe? To be acknowledged? To be comforted? To be healed? To be soothed? To be integrated or released? What do you need to feel loved? What do you need to feel like you matter?

Imagine that you had a line of little children, all with needs that weren’t being met. Most of their needs would be very easy to fix from the vantage point of your adult, empowered self. It would be easy for you to stop and ask each child and then assess and give what it is they needed for their comfort, reassurance, and well-being.

Why not do that for yourselves? Why not, from your more evolved vantage point, see each aspect that comes up for healing as an opportunity to bring peace and comfort to yourself? It is your love and care that will bring a greater sense of inner unity and acceptance, and restore balance within.

You do not need to look for trouble within yourself. As your own caretaker, you can create the environment for you to thrive and then simply address any issues that may come up with your wisdom and divine capability.

And that, Dear Ones, is the beauty of the times that you are in, that you are finally ready to step up and give yourselves the love that you have been yearning for all along – your own. ~Archangel Gabriel



Daily Message ~ Tuesday August 29, 2017

Dear Ones, love is what you are. When you withhold giving love to yourself or others, you are, quite simply, denying your own truth and essence. Allow your love, your beingness to flow, and from there you will find yourself feeling a joy and satisfaction that is beyond what you ever thought possible. ~Archangel Gabriel


Daily Message ~ Monday August 28, 2017

Dear Ones, one of your greatest needs is to be seen in your innate goodness. Give this gift to yourselves. Give it to others. Shine a light on this core truth that exists in all of you. Water it, grow it, and celebrate it, and watch how it allows you all to bloom in your truth and beauty. ~Archangel Gabriel