The Arcturian Collective via Galaxgirl, November 5th, 2018

Greetings friends, enlightened masters. We are the Arcturian Collective. And we wish to enwrap you within our arms in a glorious balm of love at this precious Now moment. Feel the love and light pulsating all around you. Feel it under your feet as Gaia send up love waves to you. Feel it within your form as your Kundalini expands and contracts. Feel it as the sylphs tease your hair and as the wind blows away any remaining anxieties. That is a glimpse of the higher dimensional environment that you are stepping into at this Now moment, friends. Pull these energies to you may we suggest, and in so doing, your hearts and your forms will be made ever lighter, ever more glorious and ever more at peace.

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The Arcturian Collective via Galaxygirl, November 1st, 2018

We are the Arcturian Collective joining in in this precious Now to assure you of our love and our support. The ascension tide is rising hard and fast, children, friends in form, and you are surfing the biggest energetic waves yet. You are ready. For we see you as asking for yet more, swimming even further and deeper away from the comfort of the familiar shore and looking for that big wave. Do you see it? It is on the horizon coming straight for you, to wrap you in love and light.

Many of you are eager for your twin reunions. Wonderful as this is, and it is, please know that you can bless your twin when you bless yourself, with self love, self care and self appreciation. For that is what the twin flame is, a mirror of yourself in a way. And when you can love yourself enough to embrace all of your freckles and flaws, then perhaps and only then are you most ready to meet. So be assured that all things will come to pass in their own time. And be comforted to know that time is picking up quickly and will soon be a non-issue. For there really is only the now in the 5D and we are most delighted with observing your joy and delight in this. For instance, how would it be to simply decide that in this now moment you would like to walk along the beach in Hawaii? Rather than spending hours searching and trying to get time off and stretching finances and packing – and – and – and – instead you simply go there in an instant of thought and joy, and with extreme pleasure you find yourself walking along that very beach that was in your mind, with your twin beside you if that is your wish, and if that is their wish. For do you see all things are possible when you are higher on the dimensional scale? And friends, you are. You are that, just remembering how to learn your way through it again. And such is how it is.

When you are learning to fly you practice. When you are learning to intend clearly, with passion and purpose, you practice. And so may we suggest that you practice the intention of loving yourself, every aspect of yourself, and then send that deep within and then out to the universe to your twin wherever they may be. And we assure you that they will feel it. They will feel your embrace from across all time space. It has begun. You are well on your way to the 5D and in fact many of you have crossed it and are waiting patiently, most patiently, for the flash, the bang, the wave, the love burst. And so to best prepare send that love burst to yourselves. And in turn it will ricochet out into human collective and bless the others, causing them to rise yet a little higher.

We are the Arcturian Collective and we hold you in high esteem, sending you gratitude and our respect for your service to Gaia. We are the Arcturian Collective. Of course we further extend the invitation of the Pleiadian brothers and sisters and you friends are most welcome on our ships for healing as well. We love you. We are the Arcturian Collective. We are one.

~ galaxygirl

The Pleiadian Collective via Galaxygirl, November 1st, 2018

Greetings friends, we are the Pleiadian collective joined tonight by the Arcturian Collective. For we are here today showing our unification and strong force of light, as a united front against the dark, pledging our support and love for humanity and for Gaia in her most blessed moment of ascension.

Life is but a string of moments, of memories. And we assure you friends that you will remember these moments with great tenderness. For you are tender, you are growing, you are morphing into that which you already are. And we see your growth and your realizations of who you are, who you have been and who you are becoming, within the guise of experience and we see the blessings behind these understandings and realizations and your future expansion from them, and it pleases us greatly. For this means that you are doing it. You are doing the work, you have done the work, and now it is time reap the glory of the expansion that follows hard self realization and self honesty. And perhaps – we hope – you will begin to see you as we see you, as family members serving within a dense, foreign form of the human body, to serve the light and to bless the others. It is a work of extreme self sacrifice, but this is how we grow, how we expand, and so it makes sense that the strong ones seeking more growth would jump at an opportunity such as this to expand and to reach for the light. But to reach for the light, as a being of light, you must convince yourself that you are reaching for it. But do you see that perhaps it was indeed within you this entire string of moments that you call your life? And that when you were crying out and heard that still small voice, that perhaps it was the God within you speaking when you were finally clear enough to listen? The rushing, the busyness, the stress and sheer havoc of survival on your planet must stop. It is time to change all of these shenanigans and to create lives of peace, of beauty, of simple joys. And we see this happening in the near future, friends.

~ galaxygirl


Message from the Arcturian Collective (10/7/18) | Galaxygirl

Arcturian Collective 10/7/18

Greetings friends. We are the Arcturian Collective. We have come today to encourage you to expand yet even further. For as you know as dimensions shift and as these great central sun energies bathe Gaia in Source light all is expanding and increasing in vibration before our / your very eyes. It is true humanity that you are not who you were even yesterday – you who read these words, meditate, have healthy practices and are determined in your intention to ascend with grace and ease. Your sciences will expand rapidly to meet the needs of the new energies. Such will be a tremendously exciting time for your scientists, and for those in your medical field who long for expansion in that realm. Natural medicines, Gaian medicine will be more readily available. GMOs will cease and people will naturally gravitate towards energy medicine and wholistic healers, for such is the way of progress in an ascended realm. Eventually humans will realize health is within them and they will have greater mastery over their fate. For naturally all that a species would need for total healthy and wellbeing would be found in their environment, if left unadulterated. Such will be again.

Be encouraged. Great times are ahead. Set your sites and intentions high for eventually prophecies come true. And we see you humanity as fulfilling the prophecy of the ascension of Gaia. You grounded light workers are the linchpin to this and we are extremely proud of your successes and your victory is assured. We are the Arcturian Collective. It was our joy to connect with you. Prepare for more turmoil, more tumultuous energies, but allow them to pass over you and transmute them in joy as they go over and by you. You are harnessing the light – Source light. Best focus on that. We are the Arcturian Collective.

~ galaxygirl

Message from the Arcturian Collective, Elthor & the Dragon Collective: You Are the Bravest the Brave — Era of Light – Aug 17, 2018

We are the Arcturian Collective and we see many of you making tremendous strides now, rapidly, with little patience for delays on your road to ascension. Ascension is a gradual, bit by bit momentum, more than a specific destination. However, this can make the journey seem longer than it needs to. And a way around….Read more

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Arcturian Collective, Mother God, Sananda via Galaxygirl, June 28th, 2018 —

Arcturian Collective, Mother God, Sananda (6/28/18) | Galaxygirl Arcturian Collective, Mother God, Sananda 6/28/18 Greetings, we are the Arcturian Collective and we are pleased to connect with each one of you today. We wish to simply expand our previous message…Read more

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The Arcturian Collective via Galaxygirl, May 26th, 2018 — Sananda.Website

Arcturian Collective 5/26/18 We are the Arcturian Collective and we wish to speak with humanity this crystal clear evening of love, of harmony and of peace. For this is the direction that you are heading as a collective, in the…Read more

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The Arcturian Collective and Family via Galaxygirl, April 22nd, 2018

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Message from the Arcturian Collective via Galaxygirl – April 10, 2018


Arcturian Collective 4/10/18

Greetings, we are the Arcturian Collective. And we think that it is time that you all know some more of your Earth’s, dear Gaia, history. A story that did not make it into your books but is more real than what you have been taught and forced to accept and believe as your truth. The reality that you have been immersed in so diligently dear friends, children of the light on Earth, is malleable, formative. It is a matrix construct of devision, dis-clarity, untruth and is easily manipulated by those who are just outside of it, the puppet masters who are all now panicked and fleeing, or at least trying to flee.

Dear ones, it is time that you understand and realize and accept, that what you have been fed is a lie. You are Devine. You are Devine beings of light, of Source-light, of great light and love here to lend your light and your power and your creativity into creating this newness that you shall see around you. We see it now. We see you lifting up your bothers’ and sisters’ vibrations with that of your own. We see you laughing and forging ahead, when the muck is thrown and when you feel surrounded by chaos. This – this – is your moment that you have so trained for. This is your moment when the mud is slinging and the room cold, and the ground rocky – this is when you have come to create, to change, to transmute and to transform this chaos into bliss, into joy, into understanding, into peace. For all of these lovely glorious attributes are within you.

It is true. They are within you if you remember to look deep within and hear the still small voice within you, which is likely your higher dimensional self, or us, if you have connected to us, or a master that you have come to love and walk closely beside. For we are all with you. For we are all one big – very big – very diverse – family of Source-light and love, of the creator’s breath, of the breath of the mother as this one has heard so many times and ways from different friends that she connects to. You can all have such connection. For we are all connected.

There is nothing but the One. Ah, yes, the dark ones have simply forgotten this, and they tremble when they remember, for they know that their time is near, and they must be accountable and must experience all that they have inflicted on the others, on those that they controlled and manipulated. Their time is over. Do not worry about space wars and counter attacks. You are very well protected, Earth is well defended should the need be, and “we’ve got this!” as Sananda likes to say.

Your job is not to worry about such things, but to be the warriors on the Earth, in form, lending your light. For the light is your sword, is your strength. Wield it. Be the light. Be the warriors that you are. And when in a sticky or muddy situation transmute it into joy! Laugh! Be silly! And see the vibration uplift all in the room from the muck into hope, and see their hearts and their eyes sparkle a bit, reminding them what it used to be like to feel a bit more free. For freedom – true freedom – is what is marching your way, friends and you are the ones doing the marching. You are the ones bringing in and ushering in the newness of light and love into that which has been so darkened by confusion and the smog of greed.

Alas, that was then. This is now. Your Now! What are you creating friends? What? More love? More light? Yes, we see this is the case. We see you smiling reading these words and it warms our hearts for it means that you have passed yet another test! For you are remembering your multi- dimensional self, you are remembering love, you are remembering the vibrations of peace of your galactic families and home worlds and you are of course bringing them to wherever you are; for that is what masters do. And that is who you are. We are the Arcturian Collective and it has been our great delight and honor to connect with you this day. Keep up the good work!

We are being reminded by this one that we did not answer adequately the Earth’s history question that we began with. History is nothing but the perceptions of what occurred in the past, is it not? Everyone has a different perception, everyone is on a different unique path, timeline perhaps, viewpoint perhaps. The unveiling properly of Gaia’s history will bring clarity, will bring understanding and unfortunately shock. For nothing has been portrayed correctly.

You and your beloved Gaia are much much older than you know. Time is but an idea. And we exist outside of it. We remember the constructs and the limitations of it but prefer to no longer be limited. It was very brave of you to come here and be immersed within time and its’ constraints. But time helped you learn cause and effect. It is useful tool. But only when it is not manipulated. When time is manipulated it is controlling all held within it. And we see this too ending as Humanity raises their collective vibrations and plunges ahead into this now.

It is not yet the moment to fully answer and delve into Earth’s history, for that is part of the grand disclosure process, which we know that you are all eager for. Why should the dark ones have told you that you descended from the Paleiadians and the Arcturians and that you were genetically formed, manipulated into a highly evolved being who had the capacity to experience a wide expansion and array of emotions, bestowed with the breath of God? For then you would have guessed your power and they would not have had a chance. Instead, they manipulated truth, the teachings of the masters, the prophets. They made church and religion a business of profit and manipulation rather than that of quiet inner union with one’s god self. This is not blasphemy. This is true. It is time that this truth be relearned and re-understood.

That is all for now. We are the Arcturian Collective. Know that you are at the brink of great revelation. You are in the midst of the great unfolding from the dark into the light. You are turning the page of the grand book. And we see your names in it, glittering like golden lights. You are our family and our friends and we love you. Come and visit us anytime. We are always waiting for you, ever ready to serve ascending humanity on ascending Gaia, beautiful Gaia.

~ galaxygirl

Message from the Arcturian Collective for March 12, 2018


Arcturian Collective 3/12/18

Dear friends, children of form and from great distances that have come to serve the light while embodied within the somewhat limited confines of the third dimensional human form, we greet you warmly.

For there is much excitement here in the higher realms of dimension, of light, where manifestation which is but an elusive parlor trick to you, is effortless and easygoing to us. And you will be soon able to perform manifestation with ease and grace for our grounded ones as well. For you are the forerunners, the advanced students, to those who are reading this.

Perhaps you have realized that manifestation is much quicker for you of late? And the importance of minding your p’s and q’s of your thought forms? Yes? Good. For we are here to gently remind you that time is speeding up as you rapidly ascend and that which you think will manifest much more quickly. So please be very aware of what you are thinking and of what thoughts you lay claim to. For many tricky thought forms are still lurking about as we are amidst the thick of it in the clean up phase, although we see that waning quickly. Just because a thought pops in your mind doesn’t mean it is yours – unless you fixate on it. Best to send them the violet fire and let them go on their way. You need not let them stick to you unless you wish for another low vibrational experience, which we can happily see that this group does not.

Your planet Gaia is just breathtaking from space, from the skies of our vantage point, and you friends and grounded ones are the sparkling jewels upon her. Whenever you shine your light and invite your highest self to work with you fully and fully commit to the highest vibration in form, you sparkle like diamonds and the ripple effects of your decisions are felt in the multiverse as they reverberate with the universal frequency of pure love.

For Love is all around you! It is what makes you – you. It is literally the fabric of the universe, the breath of the Mother, of Source, of Devine, whatever you wish to say is right. For who can define accurately the undefinable? Love is energy. Love is power. Love is creation. And you children, young adults, adults of form are quite powerful creators which many of you are now coming to accept which is good, because just because you don’t accept something as truth doesn’t mean that it isn’t. Do you see? The blinders have been so thick, so corrosive to your true visions of yourselves and your mastery. Let us put this truth behind and take off your blinders and claim your mastery. We are quite proud of you, grounded ones. Now go out and share what you have learned gently, slowly if necessary with the others, always in love. For Love is the universal frequency.

Won’t you come aboard our ships for healing and friendship? We extend our hands in greeting. And may we remind you that when you do claim your power, then and only then will you find your peace for it is the piece of you that you have been looking for all this time. Farewell for now. That is all. We are the Arcturian Collective.

~ galaxygirl