Sue Lie: My First Meeting with an Arcturian | Steve Beckow — Voyages of Light – June 17, 2019

Sue Lie: My First Meeting with an Arcturian

June 17, 2019
By Steve Beckow

Suzanne Lie (who earlier used the pen name Suzan Carroll) recounts her first meeting with Illuminata Emaculatas, IlliaEm, an Arcturian Elohim, as far back as 1995.
What IlliaEm has to say is as relevant then as it is now: Release memories of past, issues, and resentments and rise into the higher dimensions.

She says:

As our process of ascension is commencing, I would like to share my First (inner) Contact with the Arcturians. This meeting was actually with IlliaEm, an Elohim of Arcturus. The date was:


My First Meeting with Arcturus – Part 1/2

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The Gate of Arcturus is Open ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton – September 25, 2018

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have accepted invitations from all of you who have reached out to us for more contact, and as non-physical beings, we just want you to realized that you really need to feel for us in order to make that contact. We are always available to you. We are never too busy dealing with something in the Andromedan system or with some Pleiadian crisis. We are able to focus in multiple places at once. You are never taking up our valuable time, as we have no clocks and no calendars to abide by in the ninth dimension.

We love you because we are love, and because you are lovable, even in your folly. So never hesitate to reach out to us, and always expect us to answer. And again, and this is very important, make sure you are feeling for our presence. Feel for our essence, our vibration. We may not be able to hold you in our non-existent arms in your time of need, but we can wrap you in our energy, and we are told that it feels quite nice.

Now, we also want to encourage you to feel for the other helpers that you have around you. We want you to realize that you are never alone, and we also want you to recognize how much there is for you still to receive. We are always going to be answering the call of humanity, even after you shift.

And we are looking forward to the time when more of you have that sensitivity to receive us more fully, to communicate with us in ways that are more satisfying to you, and we are very excited for all of you who would like to come to Arcturus and visit our little corner of the galaxy. It will be easier for you to feel us and our presence when you do. Our doors are always open.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Source: Daniel Scranton

The Starseed Returns – May 22, 2017

starseed era of light dot com

Greetings Divine Ones! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj(KayRy).

The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. We hope you FEEL our LIGHT and LOVE in this message.

Star Children, Starseeds or Old Souls are souls who have arrived here on Earth from all areas of the Universe, Pleiades, Arcturus, Andromeda, Sirius, and many other star systems to help the Earth and her people with the process of ascension.

The term Old Soul simply means these ones we speak of have emanated from Source and became “individualized” souls millions of years ago before most humans on Earth.

They possess psychic, spiritual, and other extra sensory abilities. These children will usher in the new era of light, love, peace and joy. They will bring down corrupt systems and take charge as leaders, and shift dimensional consciousness in these times of great change. They have come here on special assignment to assist in this rebirth into a higher dimensional Earth.

Star children are different, to say the least, from the rest of humanity. As of now, star children have been divided into three categories: Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow. Star children have chosen specific parents who will help them develop their natural abilities.

So if you are a parent of a child you know is different, your child probably chose you to help them help others in their spiritual path. We would say how lucky you are to be the chosen parent of one of these incredibly gifted souls here to help this Earth, but most parent’s have a hard time understanding their children, or we should say they “choose” not to understand, especially the group we speak of now.

The most wonderful aspect of Star Children is their willingness to take on the world and learn to make their own way through it. Star Children will get to the point where they are able to mold society into something that reflects their energies and values. The truth that they hold and defend so well will reflect their integrity and spirituality.

Today there is an energy, a radiancy from the Sun, a feeling that has not been for millennia on this planet. All with an open heart and mind are feeling this new energy, the feeling that something grand is occurring on Earth. With this, everyone is beginning to change their old ways of life, releasing the old thought patterns and are seeking the way of the heart.

The first ones leading the way, uplifting Mother Earth to a higher light, moving forward and introducing the rest of humanity to the new reality are the Star Children/Starseeds.

This is their mission, this is their destiny. And it is with pure joy that we say each and everyone of them is returning to their original self within.

Each is remembering who and what they truly are. As they do this, as their inner light expands and it is, RAPIDLY, this light touches all their surroundings, ignites other peoples inner spark and cause them to awaken too.

With each wave of light there are more and more souls joining the path of upliftment to the 5th Dimension. With each wave you are reaching the shore. And what awaits you on the shore just cannot be explained in words. All we will say is BLISS is the new reality.

Now, brace yourselves yet again, for another intensification of the light, for tuning in to a higher frequency, releasing of the old and activations of your ancient gifts within you.

That’s all we have for today. Take what you will and leave the rest for later. Know that you will always have access to the truth within your heart and soul.

The brightest light shines from within. From heart to heart, KejRaj!

Who are the Galactics? – Part 1/2 – May 20, 2017

Disclosure is said to be linked to the Reval. It’ll be a “group disclosure.” I’d like to repost this series from 2012, introducing our star family to whet our appetites. I didn’t find any passages that I’d change. Apparently, the higher-dimensional galactic beings around the planet at the present time are not strangers to us.…

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How The Arcturians Are Healing Planet Earth(VIDEOS) – January 22, 2017

How The Arcturians Are Healing Planet Earth

Alien Reptilians, who are multidimensional extraterrestrials, have been plaguing our planet for eons, lowering our vibrational frequency and using fear, manipulation, and mind-control to dominate and enslave humanity. They have no natural enemies here, so they have had free rein to carry out their agenda. But that is no longer the case! The Arcturians, a much more powerful race of multidimensional extraterrestrials, are right now helping to heal the planet and raise its vibrational frequency by removing alien Reptilians and sending them to the Light.

The Arcturians are highly advanced, very loving and peaceful beings from Arcturus, a star in the Boötes Constellation. They are ready to communicate and work with any soul who aspires to journey with them to a higher level of consciousness.

In their words: “The souls of the people of Mother Earth have suffered enough over the ages, and now is the time to make the Age of Aquarius a new and glorious era.”

Wayne Brewer is a prominent private investigator with over 35 years of experience uncovering hidden truths and the author of “Are You Possessed?: Now is the Time for Divine Intervention.