Alien Hunter Reveals Alleged UFO At Area 51 On Google Earth — Collective Evolution – September 16, 2019

(Collective-Evolution) Back in the late 80’s Bob Lazar hit the mainstream news via an interview with journalist George Knapp. In the interview, he claimed to have worked on reverse engineering extraterrestrial technology at a site called S-4, near the Area 51 facility. Lazar also mentioned information regarding extraterrestrials and the fact that there are multiple groups of them, some of which have been in contact with several global governments. →

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Blazing UFO Departing Area 51 — Latest UFO sightings – May 29, 2019


New UFO video of a strange activity over Area 51 in Nevada.

Witness report: I shot this video from my backyard in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas, Nevada on the night of May 24, 2019, while aiming my camera directly towards the center of the base at Area 51 which is 77 miles away. The final object in this video took off so fast it only occupied one frame of the video. This is only the second time in more than five years that I’ve filmed an object that was leaving the ground at such a speed that it created a rainbow of colors.

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Exposing ‘Solar Warden’: The Secret Space Program — Humans Are Free – January 23, 2019

Since approximately 1980, a secret space fleet code named ‘Solar Warden’ has been in operation unknown to the public…by Darren Perks, Investigative ResearcherIs this nonsense, is it a conspiracy or is it simply so sensitive that it will cause uproar around the world?These are my own words after conducting research into the secret program. Whilst…..Read more & 3 videos

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(Video) David Wilcock Latest Groundbreaking Full Disclosure of all Five Cosmic Alliances – November 24, 2018

Published on Nov 24, 2018

David Wilcock reveals everything in this groundbreaking “full disclosure” of the five different groups that are all fighting for humanity’s positive future-and Ascension. You will meet the Earth Alliance groups, the Military-Industrial Complex Secret Space Program (MIC SSP) divisions, the Secret Space Program Alliance, the Inner-Earth Alliance and the Sphere-Being Alliance. Each of these groups is at a progressively higher level, and the story of their efforts has captivated the “Seeking Truth” community with David’s weekly show Cosmic Disclosure. The battle is really heating up, so don’t miss the latest and greatest intel, hot off the presses! We may very well see the full public exposure and downfall of the New World cabal — and a release of fantastic technology and scientific advancements if the five Alliance groups get their way.

Operation Disclosure

(Video) Destroying the Illusion — [11.4] UFO’s on FoxNews | Hannity Jokes About Area 51 & Tucker Does a Segment – November 4, 2018

Published on Nov 4, 2018


Sean Hannity: I’ll ‘try to’ ask Trump about Area 51

Tucker Carlson: Did Google help hide a secret military base from view?

Censored Craft Near Hangar Appears In Satellite Image Of Secretive Tonopah Test Range Airport –

Operation Disclosure

UFO with impossible speed and agility over Area 51 filmed from plane — April 25, 2018

A pilot flying a routine daytime flight from Las Vegas to Boise had a close encounter with a UFO over area 51 /Nevada Desert. They were cruising at altitude when the pilot abruptly descended. At this point two objects were observed tracking the aircraft and maneuvering with impossible speed and agility. The footage filmed by a crew member…Read more & video

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Benjamin Fulford Full Report: Nazis Align With White Dragon – February 5, 2018

eraoflight world newsA major peace deal was reached last week in negotiations that took place literally under the light of the blue-blood super moon in a certain Asian country last week, according to sources who were present. As are result of this, the Nazi faction of the world military-industrial complex has agreed to align itself with the light side of the force. Thus in the near future, Nazi technology, notably anti-gravity and hypersonic (Mach 20+) air travel, will be made available to the “surface population,” of the planet, the sources say. One of the participants in the negotiations was a close relative of Admiral Richard Byrd, of Antarctic exploration fame, who has frequently visited Nazi Antarctic bases, so this is the real deal, folks. We will have more details toward the end of this report….

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