Police Raid & Arrest Pregnant Woman For Creating Facebook Event About COVID-19 Lockdown | Collective Evolution – Sept 3, 2020

Collective Evolution | By Arjun Wali


The Facts: Zoe Buhler, a 28-year old pregnant woman was arrested in her home in-front of her children and partner for organizing a peaceful protest on Facebook regarding Covid-19 lockdown that was set to take place this weekend.

Reflect On: How far have we come when so many citizens around the world can disagree with governments, yet they (governments) still have the power to do whatever they want against our will under the guise of protecting us?

What Happened:

Read more & video:“Pregnant woman being arrested, handcuffed and terrorized by Victoria Police” (2:47) via — Collective Evolution

WATCH: Cops Harass Innocent Epileptic, Making Him Have a Seizure, Then Beat and Arrest Him — The Free Thought Project – May 11, 2019

By Matt Agorist – May 11, 2019

A police officer was recorded ripping an innocent passenger from a vehicle, causing him to have a seizure and then assaulting and arresting him for no reason.

Egg Harbor Township, NJ — Christopher Kiraly and his friend were on their way to dinner last month when they were harassed, assaulted, and arrested by police, for absolutely no reason. Kiraly, who is a diagnosed epileptic, went into a seizure during the stop and instead of giving him help, two Egg Harbor Township police officers beat and arrested him. The entire rights-violating debacle was captured on Kiraly’s cell phone.

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Saudi Arabia Seeks to Execute Activist to ‘Make an Example out of Her,’ says Advocate – Aug 23, 2018

Saudi Arabia seeks to execute activist to ‘make an example out of her,’ says advocate

Israa al-Ghomgham is reportedly the first Saudi woman to face the death penalty for her activism

CBC Radio · August 22


Saudi Arabia is trying to “make an example” out of Israa al-Ghomgham, the first woman in the country to face execution for her activism, says human rights advocate Zena Tahir.

According to ALQST, a London-based Saudi rights group, Saudi Arabia’s public prosecutor is seeking the death penalty against Al-Ghomgham and four other human rights activists who are currently on trial in a secretive terrorism court.

Charges against her include incitement to protest and providing moral support to rioters.

Tahir, a research associate for the European-Saudi Organization for Human Rights, spoke to As It Happens guest host Helen Mann about what these trials mean for the state of civil rights in the Kingdom.

Here is part of their conversation.

What was Israa al-Ghomgham arrested for?

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