Message from Fairies of the Ascended Dragon World via Galaxygirl, April 7th, 2019

We are the fairies of the ascended dragon world, offering our vibrations of healing to you this moment of this new now, where all is becoming crystalline, pure and bright. We fairies offer our condolences for the losses that you have experienced along your journey, but know that they will be replaced with light, with the new, with better experiences that are just waiting to be made manifest, and so do you see that not all is really, truly lost? We fairies of the dragon world perhaps look a bit different in form and face from your fairies on Gaia, dear Gaia, for she is famous here as well do you see? Do you see that she is an integral part of this and you who reside upon and within are as well, for your are shifting the vibrational encodements for all in this quadrant of the universe and it is tremendously exciting for us, for all, as we watch and bear witness to these massive intraplanetary and extraplanetary advancements.

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