15 Wise Quotes from Osho – May 28, 2017

Osho. Credit: the-open-mind.com

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

Osho is one of many revolutionary spiritual figures who encourages people to free themselves from the prison they’ve created in their minds, which is easier to escape than they think.

He’s reminded people that the greatest fulfillment comes with the joy of simply being, and instead of constantly falling prey to the mind, we should stop, become still and silent, and observe it. We’ll grow closer with true peace if we do this often, and meditation could eventually become a huge part of our life. We might wonder how we lived without it, and we’ll never know what the present moment has for us if we don’t slow down and explore it.

Our existence is enough, and we don’t have to prove our worthiness to the world with big, impressive achievements. We need only to relax into the silence and stillness of the inner self to understand our true worth, and then, we can use that understanding to get the most out of life and help others awaken to the presence of their higher consciousness.

I’d recommend checking out more from Osho if you like the quotes listed here. While the greatest teacher lives within, it helps to receive guidance from other wise sources so we can relax into the personal changes that align us with a more present and enlightened state of being.

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Chemtrails – Geoengineering – May 27, 2017

Hi all 🙂

These images are from today May 27, 2017. The sky this morning was clear, blue and beautiful, then these aircraft came and started spraying with chemtrails.

First these two images shows that it´s condensation after the aircraft disappears after a while = normal, not chemtrails.

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Bildresultat för copyright sybol

These images show that “condensation” after these aircrafts remains and spreading = chemtrails.

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Bildresultat för copyright sybol

Our governments are responsible for this and they should be brought to justice for Crimes Against Humanity!

The Elders, The White Dragons, The White Knights, The White Hats, The New Powers To Be (NPTB)………Why don´t you stop this spraying/chemtrails?

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