VIDEO: WHAT IS A PRISON PLANET – Galactic Federation of Worlds VS Nebu Empire | Elena Danaan

By Elena Danaan – Premiered Dec 22, 2021



THE MEL K SHOW | First published at 20:35 UTC on February 14th, 2021.

Mel K and Ania have their weekly catch up with a heartfelt conversation in protecting your heart, mind and health while feeling overwhelmed and uncertain during the fog of war. Remebering to put on your oxygen mask first so you can help other’s later is often forgotten when in the middle of unprecedented information and psychological warfare. Some good advice is given and received, and having faith in God and Country even when the dots aren’t fully connecting. Yet! God Wins! Keep the faith! Make sure you take time to breathe, realign, and remove toxic people and things from your world for the beautiful awakening ahead. God Bless!


An Animation That Beautifully Explores ‘The War On Consciousness’(video) — Collective Evolution – June 29, 2020

By Joe Martino | Collective Evolution

The animation below is great and Graham Hancock’s message in it is also powerful, but I want to address something important quickly before we start, as what I’m about to say is a crucial part of the message we have been working so hard to convey here at CE since inception.

I get that ‘the war on consciousness’ is a figure of speech in the case of this talk, but with 10 years working in this field of journalism and consciousness, I do see many of us getting caught up in the idea that we have to fight and that there is a war to be won.

I see this as a state of consciousness that will keep us locked in a state of disconnection and loss of power. →

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Avengers Assemble | Aseim — Voyages of Light – March 21, 2020

(Voyages of Light)  This will be a short message. You see, our planetary consciousness is currently in a state of great fear and chaos. This negative energy is capable of causing untold amounts of trouble and destruction, if not reigned in, resolved and dissolved well in time. We – the awakened populace – have it well within us at this time to prevent things upon this planet from going down further south. So, I call upon you all for your kind assistance in this regard, during these extremely critical moments for our planet as a whole. →

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Buddha: The New Day Dawns — Era of Light – January 26, 2020

buddha eraoflightdotcom

(Era of Light)

I am the Buddha.  The energy of the One. The energy of the path of compassion, of balance.

I bring forth this day, the offer of my love, the blessing of my courage and actual physical support to all who require it.  I feel that you are weighed down, not by the folly of your own error, but by a society that is crumbling and by an architecture that is falling in on itself.  ⇲

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Co-creating for Harmony and Balance | P’taah through Jani King — Voyages of Light – November 21, 2019

November 2019 Message from P’taah through Jani King

Co-creating for Harmony and Balance

This month’s message is taken from the latest Conversation with P’taah – we hope it is of assistance in this time of anxiety around events on our beloved planet Earth.

Q: We’re becoming increasingly aware of the damage we’ve caused the planet and that climate change is happening much faster than we anticipated, the pollution and the effect it’s having, and the dying out of various strands of sentient beings on the planet. How can we best think of this in terms of allowing the Universe to do what is required for balance and harmony? →

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Universal Mother Mary ~ Having the Ego in Balance – Council of Love – November 20, 2019

Universal Mother Mary ~ Having the Ego in Balance

The greatest shift that is occurring in this collective is the bringing into balance of the individual and the collective ego that has been unbridled and, might I suggest, uncontrolled for far too long, allowing manipulation and deception and abuse.

Another beautiful channelled gem shared by EBSS from his personal reading with Linda Dillon.


Universal Mother Mary ~ Having the Ego in Balance

Greetings, I am Mary.

EBSS: Greetings!

UMM: Welcome, beloved one, angel of truth, angel of peace, anchor of One. And yes, I step before your beloved ones this day, your sweet Zentar and Zalishia, and in fact an entire circle of light, an entire circle of love.

And I come to give you a gift of encouragement and the elimination, yes, the release, the surrender, the transmutation, the transformation of disappointment, discouragement and dismay. →

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Maintain Your Balance — The Creator Writings via Jennifer Farley – September 11, 2019

During the next few days, it is going to be of the utmost importance to maintain your balance.  Each of you is walking your own path and there may be instances when you will have to remind yourself of this. (Smiling) Release any need you may have to knee-jerk reactions, understand that those around you could be easily triggered by what they do not understand and…breathe!  As your Earth plane moves closer to peace, it may cause the negative to respond with loud protestations.  Rather than allowing yourself to be drawn in that direction, send Unconditional Love and know you have practiced your due diligence. ~ Creator

Source: The Creator Writings

The Desirable Balancing Force — The Creator Writings via Jennifer Farley – July 21, 2019

It is important to keep in mind during this polarized time in Earth’s history; great strides are being made to move your society back to its balanced center.  Just as a pendulum swings from one extreme to another and back again, the movement will eventually slow and come to rest.  Some will say inappropriate or hateful things to garner a reaction, to receive attention they feel they so desperately need.  As you walk your path, do your best to remain peaceful and stay in your truth.  As the arcs lose their wild motion, you will begin to see people change.  It may be tempting to lose all hope and walk away from the chaos but, remember you are needed as part of that desirable balancing force.  Stay centered, stay grounded and know that, in the end, all will be well. ~ Creator

Source: The Desirable Balancing Force — The Creator Writings

In The Midst Of A Storm — The Creator Writings via Jennifer Farley – July 18, 2019

It may feel challenging to be who you are in a time when you are being asked to choose sides.  You will see things from an infinite perspective that those around you may not notice…yet.  Standing in your truth and integrity could very well be one of the most gut-wrenching things you will ever do but, this is exactly what The Universe is asking of you.  If you choose to exist in pure truth, pure intent and pure love, your existence will become a peaceful moment in the midst of a storm.  The world is seeking balance, dear one, and you are a part of that process.  Do not give up! ~ Creator

Source: In The Midst Of A Storm — The Creator Writings