Corruption in Disaster Relief – September 8, 2019






(Golden Age of Gaia)

Most of these articles do not name names. We never see words like “deep state” or “illuminati” mentioned. And yet they divert funds on a massive scale from disaster relief.

For instance, we now know that funds given to the Presidents Fund and the Clinton Foundation never reached aid recipients on the ground. (1)

What is the scope of the problem of corruption in disaster relief and how can it be met? Here are some excerpts from articles commenting on the problem.

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The Hunger Project: Children and Marriage – November 9, 2018

November 7, 2018 By Kathleen Mary Willis

How These Teenagers Changed the Course of a Life

What would you do if someone you cared about was being forced to give up their dreams? Learn how these girls, at just 14-years-old, saved their friend from a child marriage.

Rumi and her friends are among 20, 000 people across Bangladesh trained in the Hunger Project’s Safe School For Girls program. The program equips girls with the tools & courage to stop child marriage & stand up for their rights.

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Photos From The South Asian Flood That Left 1200 People Dead But No One Talked About – September 6, 2017



Millions of people in India, Bangladesh, and Nepal have been displaced.

To point out that mainstream media and Western news sources often blackout whole subjects or ignore certain events is not surprising or new information, and yet it’s shocking every time it happens with something huge. That ‘something huge’ this time is a devastating flood that wreaked havoc on South Asian nations at the same time that Hurricane Harvey destroyed everything in its path in parts of Texas and Louisiana. The flooding in South Asia, however, has proved to be much deadlier and yielded little to no media coverage…….

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46 million People Live Under Modern Slavery — The Sleuth Journal

Almost two-thirds of all slaves are subjected to forced labor in Asia. (The Real Agenda News) The number of people in conditions of modern slavery, that is, any activity of where one person forces a will over another is alarming. Almost 46 million people, 45.8 to be exact, worldwide suffer an absolute deprivation of freedom…

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