How The World Will Collectively Stop Elite Level Child Sex Trafficking & Ritualistic Abuse — Collective Evolution – July 27, 2019


On this occasion of my 100th article for Collective Evolution since I started back in April, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank my readers for their emails of inquiry, commentary, encouragement and appreciation. Although it’s getting difficult, I still try to respond personally to each one, because I have gained a lot of insight and inspiration from them. As well, I believe that the work of community-building, which is a mandate of Collective Evolution that I strongly believe in, occurs mainly as a result of the quality of our one-on-one interactions with each other.

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The Federation of Light: Preperational Signals — Era of Light – February 19, 2019

Hello. Me here! Anyone home?

Welcome to ALL upon Earth who choose to be in agreement with that which we desire to speak of. In fact, we would say, welcome also, to those who are not in agreement. For we ask that one follows their heart and their FEELINGS and if it be so that the words we bring forth are not in alignment with a soul’s thoughts and feelings, then we would not expect them to continue to read our messages week after week….Read more

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The Creator Writings transcribed by Jennifer Farley: What To Do? – December 20, 2018

During this shift, there are going to be times when staying quiet is the best option.  You may see others ‘playing the game’ of bully/victim and it may be very disturbing to you.  Yes, it is perfectly acceptable to say something but, the hint may or may not be taken.  You have your boundaries, they have theirs and they may not coincide.  They will continue to play regardless because it is safe for them.  What are you to do then?  Be there for them!  Show them you support them as a person, express your desire for them to be whole and happy and be an ear, within reason.  Until they are ready to step out and away from the emotional dynamic there is not much you can do.  The Universe is being very clear when it says this is not condoning the behavior…it doeswant you to be the light they look to when they are ready and in a time of need.  Everyone must walk their own path and, when they choose to change direction, they will. ~ Creator

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Sananda via James McConnell, August 4, 2018

Lord Sananda Kumara

I AM your Sananda.

And I say ‘your’ because I am very much involved very much with this particular group, this Ancient Awakenings, just as I am with many other groups. Even at the same time as we are communicating now, I Am in many other groups speaking to many others across the planet. And yes even in many different languages. For it is time to raise the communication to all across the planet, to raise the awakening that is happening.

And an awakening indeed is occurring now. And you are all a part of this awakening. You, those of you that have awakened first are preparing to awaken those who will come after. And then those who awaken will help to awaken those who come after them, and so on. For the energies as they continue to come into the planet now increasing in force more and more each and every moment each and every day. The energies are increasing, becoming more and more powerful, more and more to raise the consciousness of each and every one of you. And each and every person on the planet as well as all life forms on the planet.

And those of you that have been feeling these energies, this one I speak through included, you are feeling these energies in different ways than you have ever felt them before because you are being acclimated to these energies. You are being prepared to handle these energies so that you can work with them; and even more importantly help others work with them after.

Many will be brought down to their knees by these energies. Some of you already have been. Some of you have wondered, am I now leaving this planet. But yet time passes and you are still here because you are meant to be here. You are meant to go through this, to experience this, to have these new understandings these experiences. Because you are in those moments, those moments prior to the great awakening that is now happening across the planet.

And as you are in those moments and as you await the many changes that are not only happening outside of yourself, but certainly happening within. Because as these changes happening within you, that changes everything outside of you as well. It is always so within and so without.

Always remember that if you are waiting for that moment or those moments for the changes to happen, then you are missing the changes that are happening within you in these very moments. Do not wait. Embrace the energies. Embrace the light. Let the light come in and then shine it forth, just as my disciples let the light shine forth when they went about their business.

 It is time now or nearly time for you all to go about your Father’s business.

You are all going to find the connection, a higher connection with your higher self this coming weekend. Not only because you attend the Advance, but because those of you — those of you the light workers, the warriors, the sharers, the bearers — those of you are here now to experience the Light, share the Light, to be the Light. Go forth now and be that Light to all.

I AM Sananda. I leave you now at this point but will certainly be back with you strongly, fully, and in many ways much stronger than I have been previously. As will many of my brethren, those brothers and sisters that work alongside of me to help to mentor all of you.

All of my peace and love be with all of you.

Be The Light — April 12, 2018

The growth and learning process you are engaged in now is an amazing one.  Like a deaf child hearing their parent’s voices for the first time, some may be surprising and/or a little frightening, but the joy of the experience will far outweigh your initial reaction.  This is where practice comes into play.

For those of you that have been awake for some time, this is your opportunity to guide and assist those ‘suddenly aware’ of their gifts and talents.  Treat them with respect and patience.  Treat them as you would want to be treated.  It may be a very confusing time for them; judgement, ego and negative personal issues have no place.  Allow yourself to be the light for them you may not have had at your beginning.  ~ Creator

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Starlight the Unicorn via Galaxygirl, December 3d, 2017

Dear one, young one, we unicorns greet you now with energy bursts form the great central sun from which we were formed. We salute you in honor for your service to all kind. For it is finished in many ways…Read more

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