Prepare For Change Interviews Benjamin Fulford, May 3, 2018


Benjamin Fulford and Robert David Steele at Inokashira Park (Video) – February 27

Published – 2018-02-23

Benjamin Fulford and Robert David Steele at Inokashira Park

1. Ben Fulford meets with former CIA Robert David Steele Feb. 20 2018 (video)

2. Former CIA Agent Steele was part of a judiciary inquiry lawsuit regarding the Deep State’s use of children in murderous pedophilia in long range space base programs.

3. The US has had a base on Mars for 15 years.

4. The Deep State Zionists were digitally manipulating people.

5. Wikipedia has no integrity.

6. The Deep State -Illuminatti-Cabal was composed of the Vatican, Rothchilds and Ciba Jews.

7. Under them were the Freemasons, Knights of Malta, City of London (Queen Elizabeth) and Central Banks.

8. Under them were the US Shadow Government, politicians who use the NSA, CIA, FBI’s murderous pedophilia, drug and gun running to blackmail Congress.

9. The White Hats were the good guys in the military complex, CIA and FBI who have joined with the White Dragon Group to fight the Deep State-Cabal.

10. Steele has been kept away from Trump by John Kelly, but he was organizing the Chinese, Russians and other nations into a free and truthful free education and free internet information base to get the truth out

Source: Benjamin Fulford

Thanks to: Operation Disclosure

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Underground bases in Nevada – by Benjamin Fulford – January 26, 2018

When this week’s newsletter of January 22, 2018 went public, the following link had mysteriously stopped working.  Now it is working again.  It refers to the underground base in Nevada that is now apparently under attack.


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