Conflicting Full Disclosure Narratives? |


Many people are asking me about the conflicting intel coming from Secret Space Program insider, Corey Goode, when compared to the intel being presented by the extraterrestrial contactees, Elena Danaan and Megan Rose. Corey has recently put out a video and statement with his update on the current exopolitical situation that people are asking me about given my ongoing series of articles on updates provided by Elena and Megan. In response, Elena and Megan put out their own video where they explained their intel and sources, and why its not “pie in the sky hopium”.

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Deep State Hack Launches New Hit Piece on Trump | Real Raw News

Real Raw News | By Michael Baxter – September 15, 2021

Once a decent journalist, Pulitzer Prize winning author Bob Woodward has spent the last decade denigrating himself to the halls of hackery; he has become a purveyor of disinformation and collects income not only from book sales but also from Deep State figureheads who still quake in fear at the thought of Donald J. Trump returning to power.

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BREAKING: Biden mandates COVID jab, threatens livelihood of millions of Americans | NaturalHealth365

by: Edit Lang, staff writer | September 14, 2021


(NaturalHealth365)  And there it was on live T.V. for everyone in the world to see.  On September 9, 2021, Joe Biden announced the forced inoculation of millions of Americans under the threat of imminent unemployment, poverty, and starvation.  Members of the military, the federal government, the healthcare industry, and millions working in the private sector are now forced up against the wall: get jabbed or robbed of your livelihood.

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Naomi Wolf: Biden’s vaccine mandate is a biofascist coup against the American people | – September 12, 2021 | By Torbjorn Sassersson –

WORLD. The journalist Dr. Naomi Wolf believes that the Biden administration has carried out a biofascist coup and thus started a war against the American people when he declares that around 100 million Americans must be vaccinated in order to keep their jobs and stay safe for their own kids.

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20+ Republican states exploring lawsuits against Biden’s ‘outrageous’ vaccine mandates | Life Site News

By LifeSiteNews – September 10, 2021

Dozens of Republican governors and attorneys general slammed new COVID vaccine rules announced by Joe Biden, which would force U.S. businesses to require vaccination or testing for millions of employees.

(LifeSiteNews) – At least 20 Republican states have announced that they may take legal action to block the Biden administration’s COVID-19 vaccination requirements for tens of millions of American workers in the private sector.

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Deep State Deception Tricks Us into Thinking They’re Winning – Clif High |

By Greg Hunter’s – September 8, 2021

Clif High is an Internet data mining expert who has many well-documented correct forecasts.  High uses something he calls “Predictive Linguistics” and computer programs to sort through billions of bits of information on the Internet to predict future trends and events.  His latest correct forecast was made last month here on USAWatchdog when he said, “The FDA would not approve the Pfizer CV19 vaccine.”  The FDA told the public it was approved, but it only approved a Pfizer vaccine called Comirnaty that Americans cannot get.  Americans are still getting the “experimental” Pfizer version of the so- called vaccine, and Pfizer still has immunity from liability.  It was classic bait and switch and a total deception of the public.

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Afghanistan Treason, Vax Lies Unraveling, Inflation Increasing |

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 493 9.3.21)

Anybody thinking what has gone on in Afghanistan is explained away by Biden Administration incompetence is in total denial.  This disaster was planned by the people in the background handling Biden and carried out by the military brass.  This planned disaster is way too stupid to be stupid, and all the people involved are guilty of treason.  Yes, you heard right, TREASON. 

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By SGT Report | First published at 03:49 UTC on August 27th, 2021.

Sheriff Richard Mack returns to SGT Report to dissect the absolute treachery of Joe Biden and his administration, the fallacy of vaccine “mandate”, and the role of Constitutional sheriffs as the last line of defense against tyranny.


USA: Marines Defy Pentagon: No Vaccine Mandates | Real Raw News

Real Raw News | By Michael Baxter – August 25, 2021

Marine Corps General and acting Joint Chief of Staff Chairman David H. Berger amplified his rhetoric against mandatory vaccinations after Pentagon Spokesperson John Kirby and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced that all military personnel must immediately begin receiving the Covid-19 vaccination.

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(USA) How Russian Mobsters, Chinese Hackers And Nigerian Scammers Plundered Billions Of Dollars In COVID Aid | GreatGameIndia

By GreatGameIndia – August 17, 2021

Russian mobsters, Chinese hackers and Nigerian scammers have used stolen identities to plunder tens of billions of dollars in pandemic aid, officials say.

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