(VIDEO) Heart inflammation increasing in young athletes: In one month, at least 69 athletes collapsed after vaccination | NaturalNews.com

Tuesday, February 15, 2022 by: Lance D Johnson

(Natural News) Heart inflammation is increasing in young athletes and children. In one month in 2021, at least 69 athletes collapsed after covid-19 vaccination. Many are left with disabilities for life. Some do not survive. This tragic influx in cardiac arrest, stroke, myocarditis and sudden death is NOT normal, and it’s not being properly reported on by journalists around the world.

By continuing to allow clot shots to remain on the market, regulatory agencies around the world continue to degrade medical ethics and informed consent. Experimental bioweapon vaccines continue to cause heart inflammation in young, healthy individuals who aren’t even at risk from a potential infection! Regulatory agencies have a moral responsibility to call for a full moratorium for covid-19 vaccines and to make way for historic compensation programs for families who have witnessed injury or death from these so-called vaccines.

Read more & video(4:43): “108 professional soccer players dead from heart failure…”: Heart inflammation increasing in young athletes: In one month, at least 69 athletes collapsed after vaccination — NaturalNews.com

Survival of the Smartest | The Final Wakeup Call

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By The Final Wakeup Call – May 7, 2021

Decimation of the world population by one third

All people are urged to get to their feet to fight and take back their freedom and civilisation. None of the hidden government criminals and their puppets should be left without having been prosecuted and convicted. Our country belongs to us and our vote must be counted fairly. True freedom will be the result of our courage and initiative to fight for it and to help to drain the Deep State swamps around the world. Our revolution has started and will continue until truth, and true freedom is established!

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Survival of the Smartest — The Final Wakeup Call

Nederlands: Alleen de Slimsten Overleven:

Geoptimaliseerd bio wapen Beangstigend! – Waarschuwing voor overleving Welke schade brengt het mRNA-vaccin toe aan het menselijk lichaam? Het geneesmiddel dat de wereldbevolking uitroeit   Decimering wereldbevolking met een derde Alle mensen worden aangespoord op te staan en te vechten…Continue Reading

Deutsch: Nur die Klügsten überleben:

Optimiertes Bio Waffen Beängstigend! – Warnung zum Überleben Welchen Schaden richtet der mRNA-Impfstoff im menschlichen Körper an? Das Medikament, das die Weltbevölkerung auslöschen wird  Dezimierung der Weltbevölkerung um ein Drittel Alle Menschen sind aufgerufen, aufzustehen und für ihre Freiheit zu…Continue Reading