SwebbTV: Veckans Nyhetsanalys om den skenande brottsligheten, fiaskot i klimatmötet och om Googles covid-cencur

SwebbTV Nyheter – 16 November, 2021

Veckans Nyhetsanalys med Magnus Stenlund och Mikael Willgert inleder med att diskutera klimatfrågan och fiaskot i klimatmötet där Kina och Indien, som är några av de länder som har mest koldioxidutsläpp, egentligen inte kommer göra några större åtgärder förrän om många decennier.

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VIDEO: X22 Report Spotlight | Bitcoin Ben – A Lie Has To Yell, The Truth Is A Whisper, You Are Witnessing The Counterpunch

By X22 Report – Published October 23, 2021

Today’s Guest: Bitcoin Ben

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The Final Wakeup Call | Cryptos game for the Wise Investment for the Fools by Peter B. Meyer

What is a crypto-currency?

Cryptos are a digital game

Gold is Money all else Is Credit

Price Stability and Transfer Capacity is Prime Requirement

The Final Wakeup Call | by Peter B. Meyer – September 22, 2021

False Monetary System Has Gridlocked Rational Thinking

The present false fiat monetary system has obstructed reasonable thinking. Humanity is struggling to maintain itself, to further the industrial and commercial activity of the world that was established when gold was money. Think about; what we have today is deliberately total chaos. Look at real estate and share prices, these are completely loose from reality. Continue Reading → Cryptos game for the Wise Investment for the Fools — The Final Wakeup Call

Nederlands: Cryptos spel voor wijzen en investering voor dwazen

Wat is een cryptocurrency? Cryptos is een digitaal spel Goud is geld al het andere is krediet Prijsstabiliteit en transfercapaciteit is eerste vereiste   Vals Monetair Systeem heeft het rationeel denken geblokkeerd Het huidig vals fiat monetair systeem heeft het…Continue Reading

Deutsch: Kryptowährung ein Spiel für Klugen und Investition für Törichten

Was ist eine Kryptowährung? Kryptos ist ein digitales Spiel Gold ist Geld, alles andere ist Kredit Preisstabilität und Transferkapazität sind Voraussetzung   Falsches Geldsystem hat rationales Denken blockiert Das derzeitige falsche Fiat-Geldsystem hat das rationale Denken blockiert. Die Menschheit kämpft…Continue Reading

Italiano: Cryptos il gioco dei saggi investimenti per gli sciocchi

Cos’è una criptovaluta? Le criptovalute sono un gioco digitale L’oro è denaro, tutto il resto è credito La stabilità dei prezzi e la capacità di trasferimento sono requisiti primari   Il falso sistema monetario ha bloccato il pensiero razionale.  L’attuale…Continue Reading

God Will Stop Evil, Bitcoin, Gold & Silver Explode – Bo Polny | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Saturday Post) – August 14, 2021

Biblical cycle timing expert and geo political and financial analyst Bo Polny says man cannot defeat the fraud, lies and murder being put into our world by evil forces alone.  Polny explains, “I don’t think anything can happen that man can create.  We are at a point where nothing can stop these people aside from a Biblical intervention from God.  That is really where we have come to.  We had a President who got kicked out, and now we have two Presidents in theory.  Nothing has stopped these people, and they will not stop until God intervenes.  We are at a point now where we are going to see a Biblical intervention.  Then we can talk about inflation.  It won’t be inflation, it’s going to be hyperinflation.  As much as people are looking at prices of things now, that is nothing.”

Read more & video(1:02:52): God Will Stop Evil, Bitcoin, Gold & Silver Explode – Bo Polny — Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

Swebbtv Nyheter 23 juni 2021.

Välkomna till Swebbtv nyheter 23 juni 2021

Regeringskrisen kan vara på väg att hävas. Centerpartiet backar från kravet om marknadshyror och är beredda att förhandla.
Enligt en läckt rapport förbereder EU-kommissionen ett förbud att elda med ved. Detta som en del i det klimatomställningspaket, det så kallade Green Deal som EU driver.

Läs mer & SwebbTV Nyheter(11:24): https://swebbtv.se/w/d58a25b1-1c78-4784-ab0b-1c783bd5784a

Cryptos versus Precious Metals | The Final Wakeup Call

Indications of market intervention

Money must always be a commodity

Cryptos have no independent existence

Main interest lies in making Dollar profits

By The Final Wakeup Call – February 24, 2021


Look at bitcoin. In the early stages, people thought of it as a bet on a new money system, in which the cryptocurrency, despite having no physical existence, but limited by mathematical wizardry, would prove superior to gold. That could still turn out to be true, or, it could turn out that the price action in bitcoin is really just another of the many manipulation tricks coming out the box of the Central Bank controllers. As a result, when the central bank money system blows up, bitcoin and all other cryptos could go with it. Read more: http://finalwakeupcall.info/en/2021/02/24/cryptos-versus-precious-metals/

Nederlands: Cryptos versus Edelmetalen

Aanwijzingen over marktinterventie Geld moet altijd handelswaar zijn Cryptos hebben geen onafhankelijk bestaan  Belangrijkste reden ligt in het maken van Dollarwinsten   Cryptocurrency Kijk naar bitcoin. In het beginstadium zag men het als een weddenschap op een nieuw geldsysteem, waarin…Continue Reading

Deutsch: Kryptos versus Edelmetalle

Anzeichen zu Markteingriffen Geld sollte immer eine Ware sein Kryptos haben keine eigenständige Existenz  Der Schwerpunkt liegt in der Erzielung von Dollar-Gewinnen   Kryptowährung Schauen Sie sich Bitcoin an. In der Anfangsphase sahen die Leute es als eine Wette auf…Continue Reading

Español: Las criptos frente a los metales preciosos

Indicios de intervención en el mercado El dinero debe ser siempre una mercancía Las criptomonedas no tienen una existencia independiente El interés principal radica en obtener beneficios en dólares   Criptodivisas Fíjese en el bitcoin. En las primeras etapas, la…Continue Reading

Building a Bitcoin Prison – Catherine Austin Fitts | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

Catherine Austin Fitts

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (2.20.2021)

Former Assistant Secretary of Housing and investment advisor Catherine Austin Fitts says you have to be careful and fully understand Bitcoin.

Read more & video(48:30): Building a Bitcoin Prison – Catherine Austin Fitts — Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

Rich Richer Richest but not Happier | The Final Wakeup Call

Coronavirus threat is a Hoax

How, the rich got richer

All is a done deal to destroy our way of life

The Parallel between Tesla and Bitcoin

By The Final Wakeup Call – January 26, 2021

Communism through Total Control

Continue Reading → Rich Richer Richest but not Happier — The Final Wakeup Call

Nederlands: Rijk Rijker Rijkste, maar niet gelukkiger

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Deutsch: Reich Reicher Reichster, aber nicht glücklicher

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