The Vatican’s Dirtiest, Darkest Top 5 Secrets – May 25, 2017

Vatican bank

 The Vatican Bank, simply by existing, threw the Holy Bible out of the window with the baby and the bath water. By founding the Vatican Bank in 1942 and charging interest on loans, Christian values were broken, secular laws ignored and many people suffered. Read more at: Anonymous News




UN Admits Extortion Behind Removal of Saudi Arabia From Child Killer Blacklist – ANTIMEDIA

 Claire Bernish, June 9, 2016  

(ANTIMEDIA) United States — U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon admitted Thursday Saudi Arabia had been removed from a blacklist for maiming and killing children as a result of unnamed sources’ threats to defund United Nations programs. In plain language, an unknown entity used extortion to force the U.N. to reverse an important move toward ensuring the safety of children.

According to an as-yet unsubstantiated report from Foreign Policy, that threat came directly from the Saudi government — though immediately after the report blacklisting the Saudi-led coalition went public, the kingdom vociferously denounced its placement, and was removed within 72 hours — perhaps lending an air of credibility to the allegation…

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