The Portal: End Time Madness — Cobra Update – January 30, 2020

(The Portal)

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

End Time Madness

As we are now right before the dawn of the new Golden Age, a strong purification must occur before we as a planet can enter the Light. This purification is called the end time madness.

The end time madness is happening individually, with many people freaking out and showing dysfunctional behavior, but also globally. →

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Blue Dawn / Ascension Conference Report — The Portal – December 4, 2019

Blue Dawn / Ascension Conference Report

(The Portal)  Our Taiwan Ascension Conference was a huge success, many people said it was the best conference ever.
We had an extremely strong and dedicated group, an we were not alone, our star brothers and sisters were with us. This unidentified aerial vehicle (UAV) appeared above the conference venue during the lunch break: →

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