Deep State Hack Launches New Hit Piece on Trump | Real Raw News

Real Raw News | By Michael Baxter – September 15, 2021

Once a decent journalist, Pulitzer Prize winning author Bob Woodward has spent the last decade denigrating himself to the halls of hackery; he has become a purveyor of disinformation and collects income not only from book sales but also from Deep State figureheads who still quake in fear at the thought of Donald J. Trump returning to power.

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5 Important Books the ‘Deep State’ Wants Buried (According to NYU Professor) — Humans Are Free – December 20, 2019


(Humans Are Free)  Mark Crispin Miller, a Professor of Media Studies at New York University, is best known for his analysis of U.S. Election fraud and the overall deception and obfuscation of truth perpetrated by those at the top of the power pyramid.

He characterizes the books that serve the truth about American history, politics, war, economics, and media as ‘an embarrassment of riches,’ but his aim is to sift through all these books and find the ones that most pressingly need to be heard about, known, and widely read.

He speaks about why these books, many of which are ‘out of print,’ need to be re-introduced to the public for consumption as they were targeted by the Deep State as books that were to be buried. →

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