3 anti-inflammatory superfoods to increase energy and improve immunity | NaturalHealth365

by: Jonathan Landsman | July 20, 2021


(NaturalHealth365) By the end of 2021, some experts estimate that $590 – $610 billion will be spent on prescription drugs within the United States.  In fact, inflammation and pain is the driving force behind many of the best selling drugs in the world.  Yet, in reality, most of these medications can be avoided by simply eating anti-inflammatory superfoods, herbs, exercising, and developing a positive mindset – daily.

Did you know that drugs for pain are a leading cause of accidental death and are completely avoidable?  There are plenty of natural foods that can, and will, reduce inflammation, eliminate physical (and emotional) pain, plus prevent disease – without the need for toxic chemicals.  Today, we’ll focus our attention on the value of superfood nutrition, herbs, healthy fats, plus much more!

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Boost energy levels by eating these 5 superfoods | NaturalHealth365


by: Michelle Marks | December 19, 2020

(NaturalHealth365) Feeling tired and mentally drained seems to be the “new normal” in our fast-paced lifestyle.  But, if you are drinking energy drinks loaded with artificial sweeteners and caffeine – your condition will only gets worse, leaving you exhausted after a brief few hours of hyper-energy.

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Remarkable ways coconut oil naturally boosts energy levels and supports weight loss — NaturalHealth365 – January 30, 2020


(NaturalHealth365) While most health-conscious people realize that coconut oil is actually a super food, for quite some time coconut oil has been demonized by the mainstream media due to its saturated fat content.

And, another thing the media “forgets” to tell you is: those saturated fats differ significantly from the (toxic) fats found in most conventionally-raised animal products, and the unique array of fatty acids found in coconut oil actually offers a variety of positive health effects.

For example, a deeper look into coconut oil’s role in nutrition and health brings to light even more unique benefits than most people would imagine.  In fact, studies show that coconut oil can naturally boosts energy levels and supports weight loss in some remarkable ways. →

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How eating bitter herbs can fix digestive system problems — Natural Health 365 – November 23, 2018

(NaturalHealth365) Today, you’ll discover how eating bitter herbs can help to resolve digestive issues like, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Causing indigestion and heartburn, GERD currently affects 15 to 30 percent of the American population. Yet, unfortunately, most people are never told about the natural ways to fix gut health problems. First, it’s important to know:……Read more

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