5G Your Silent Murderer — The Final Wakeup Call – May 29, 2019

5G Interferes with the human brain function

5G Considerably Higher Frequencies than at present

Cell Phones Cause Insomnia

Uninformed public must be informed

The most horrific form of mental brainwashing

What Can you do?

(The Final Wakeup Call)

The implementation of 5G continues unabated across the Western World, Japan and China, in spite of zero mandatory health and safety tests having been conducted. This illegal roll-out is focusing on the largest urban centres and especially high-profile venues that can be used as an advertisement for how ‘splendid’ 5G is – which it is not. Continue Reading →

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Critical Moment in Deep State Takedown is Happening Now – By David Wilcock – April 27, 2018

Critical Moment in Deep State Takedown is Happening Now

The behind-the-scenes war to take down the Deep State has finally reached critical mass, based on multiple insiders. “It” is happening now.

Even though things may still appear fairly quiet to the casual observer, multiple independent sources are now saying major, visible moves against the Deep State are imminent.

This is not necessarily going to appear as the “Mass Arrests” scenario we had prognosticated before. However, we may well see high-profile arrests and new data dumps soon enough.

No one can deny there are over 24,500 sealed criminal indictments on the books right now in the US — an all-time high.

My friend David Seaman had his entire identity deleted off of YouTube and social media, only to return with stunning confidence — and new, direct intel about the arrests that are pending.

Alex Jones has a Lockheed Skunk Works insider named Zach who is claiming we are on the verge of disclosure events that could transform us into a multi-planetary society.

Unimaginable evil is being systematically exposed and rooted out. We have been talking about this for years and it is finally happening.

Our own immediate insiders have experienced significant, ongoing threat. The obvious and extreme nature of these attacks again suggests desperation is occurring.

We are not backing down. We have public appearances scheduled for New Living Expo April 27-29, Contact in the Desert June 1-4, our Colorado Ascension Portal all-weekend event July 27-29, and others.



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The Team via Peggy Black, April 17th, 2016

‘The Team’ via Peggy Black: A Revolution of Consciousness

We are here embracing you with our love and acknowledging you for your continued courage and awareness. These are exciting times as you and your entire planet are experiencing and undergoing a tremendous shift and change.

We realize that out of this shift and change comes tremendous chaos. It is from the caldron of chaos that ascension is made possible. When there is intense disturbance in the collective consciousness it can trigger a new level of awakening or a new level of denial.

Remember, your reality is never set or solid, it is fluid, it is vibration and frequency. Your reality is created by the vibrations of energy, thoughts and projections of the collective. You, more than most, understand this principle.

You are witnessing as well as experiencing a frequency shift. Consider for a moment that this shift might be the result of an increase in the vibrational frequency of your planet. The resonance of the Earth’s magnetic frequency has been the same for thousands of years. This natural frequency of pulsation has been understood by your sages and measured by your scientists to hover about 7.8 cycles per second…

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Brain Waves and Binaural Beats: A Gateway to Higher Consciousness, Enhanced Learning and Brain Function – Feb 16, 2017

Brain Waves and Binaural Beats - A Gateway to Higher Consciousness and Enhanced Brain Function 4

February 17th, 2017 By Carolanne Wright Contributing writer for Wake Up World I have to admit, I’ve always had a fascination with shortcuts to higher levels of consciousness and have shamelessly embraced technology to this end. A veteran in all manner of brain wave entrainment soundtracks, I’ve found some work better than others for increasing…

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