Billionaire Seagram’s Heiress Sentenced to Over 6 Years for Role in NXIVM Sex Trafficking Ring | Activist Post

Activist Post | By Matt Agorist – Oct 1, 2020

As TFTP has previously reported, billionaire heiress Clare Bronfman was indicted on racketeering charges in federal court in 2018. The indictment was connected to her involvement as Operations Director for the NXIVM sex cult which ensnared Smallville star Allison Mack as well. Last year, prosecutors came forward saying that this billionaire heiress was protecting her fellow cronies with a massive amount of money in the form of a defense trust fund. After a two-year long battle, Bronfman was sentenced on Wednesday to over 6 years for her role in the cult.

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Bronfman Family Billionaires Implicated In NXIVM Hollywood ‘Sex Cult’ | Collective Evolution – Aug 14, 2020

Collective Evolution


  • The Facts:Clare Bronfman, pleaded guilty in April to charges related to her role with NXIVM sex cult, having funded the enterprise with more than one hundred million dollars over a few years. She is currently awaiting sentencing.
  • Reflect On:Why are some of the world’s most powerful people being implicated with this activity? Many of these people have great power over the world’s resources and in some cases, dictate government policy in multiple countries. How deep does this go?

What Happened: When Hollywood actress Allison Mack became one of multiple actresses t0 be  implicated in the “NXIVM” sex cult case, it really opened more people’s eyes to the reality of sex trafficking in ‘high’ places. NXIVM was a well known company that supposedly offered executive success programs but hid behind this description and mainly operated as a sex cult. Mack is still awaiting her sentencing, she and multiple other actresses have been accused of working for the cult in a management capacity. Mack’s job was to lure women into the program under the false pretence of female empowerment. The leader, Keith Raniere, is currently in prison and awaiting sentencing for sex-trafficking. He was also accused of raping girls as young as 1215 years old, imprisoning a woman for 18 months, child pornography, and more.

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