Om Brott och straff – Professor Arnstberg i Swebbtv Vetenskap nr 9


SwebbTV – 24 Oktober, 2020

Professor emerius i etnologi Karl-Olov Arnstberg om brott och straff.

Fungerar rättssystemet? Kan fångvård bota kriminalitet eller har fängelsestraffet spelat ut sin roll? I detta program diskuterar Mikael Willgert och professor emeritus Karl-Olov Arnstberg om brott och straff. Vi börjar med att konstatera att antalet misshandelsfall har mer än 10-faldigats sedan 1950-talet. Det blir tydligt att Sveriges rättssystem inte har kunnat hindra denna utveckling.

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The Final Wakeup Call: The Feared Awakening – September 20, 2018

Sacred code of honour against the Evil Enemy

Our unity is the antithesis of the ego-worshipping Deep State psychopath. Our strength is our desire for freedom, righteous intent and collective unity to overcome our enemies in our government, and the criminals in the banking system. As such, the proclamation “Where We Go One We Go All” is also the inscription on the ship bell on the yacht of John F. Kennedy, adding an extra dimension to the significance of this slogan. This has made this motto a sacred code of honour against the evil enemy.


The darkness will lose its grip of fear upon us, as more people awaken from their induced slumber. This could mean that in the next month or so, unprecedented revelations will be forthcoming, both in scope and magnitude without historical precedent, that could cause a revolt under the un-awakened part of the population.

Detaching oneself from the mind control programming

Choosing to become conscious means detaching oneself from the mind control programming; escaping the effects of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual prison caused by the oppression of among others, the MSM.

The real rulers in Washington are invisible and exercise power from behind the scenes. Today the path to total dictatorship of the world can be laid out through legal means, unseen and unheard of by Congress, or even the President. The Deep State operates freely within our government and political system, through bribed politicians called puppets. All strange developments in policy agreements may be traced back to this secret group who are endeavouring to create a world to suit their purpose.


The tactics employed are comprised of the manipulation of economies, trade and the masses through fear: fear of war, fear of starvation, fear of economic collapse, imprisonment and death. This fear-mentality has dictated global events for centuries and has become the standard operating procedure. This process of enslaving civilisations stands in contrast to the survival of humanity and it suppresses the natural instinct of all humans to do good and to be kind to one another.

Bear in mind; the real purpose of government is always and everywhere, to enable the few to exploit the many. The credit money system is a clever way of doing so. 

The Economic Downfall

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Do You Need Proof Of Weather Geoengineering? (Videos) — Aug 12, 2018

By Catherine J. Frompovich What’s with the weather where you are? Everyone talks about the weather, but no one can control the weather! Not so fast….there are numerous weather control or weather engineering patents. Here is a wallpaper scroll listing most of them. Recently, I heard a talking head on the local news radio station…Read more & watch videos and Wake Up!

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Dear YouTube Employees That Engage in Censorship… — Humans Are Free – July 13, 2018

Dear YouTube Employees That Engage in Censorship,It has always been a struggle to replace the YouTube videos embedded in the articles that I post, but now it’s game over. There’s a complete purge happening on YouTube, and probably thousands of channels and millions of videos are gone forever.I’m browsing through dozens of articles and ALL….Read more

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