Swebbtv nyheter 20 september 2021

Swebbtv nyheter

Efter förra veckans uppmärksammade program med Juri Lina om den nya informationen om Estonia ringde vi Juri Lina för att höra mer om det privata initiativet som ska dyka på Estonia för att kontrollera nya uppgifterna.

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Sverige backar – får betala för massivt EU-stödpaket | Nya Dagbladet – 20 Juli, 2020

Foto: Stuart Beard/CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

(Nya Dagbladet)  EU-toppmötet i Bryssel har kommit närmare en uppgörelse om unionens budget och ett enormt stödpaketet för den skadade ekonomin i kölvattnen av coronakrisen. Sverige tillhör nettobetalarna för paketet och kommer att få bära en stor del av bördan. →

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Ytterst tveksam rapport om 15 000 organiserade brottslingar – Svenska polisen — NewsVoice.se – 16 November, 2018

Bristen på poliser är oftast den stora och mest spridda uppfattningen om varför poliserna inte räcker till. Jag har under flera år hävdat att bristen på polisen är en chimär som polismyndigheten skapat för att försvara en impotent organisation  som kan svälja hur många administratörer och olika polischefer som helst. Det är dessutom ett verkningsfullt…Läs mera

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Special Report on Disclosure – October 7, 2018




Special Report on Disclosure

Awakening Spark, Sept. 19, 2018


This past week has seen three separate  mainstream news reports on the sighting of what may be top-secret US craft from the US military’s ‘black budget’ programs.

These programs have recently come under intense scrutiny as over $21 Trillion have gone missing from the US budget as reported by Laurence Kotlikoff, Economics Professor, in Forbes. Black budget programs are so highly classified that even the US President, who is also  Commander-in-Chief of the US Army and Navy, does not have clearance to access the programs.

Has the USAF’s TR-3B jet been found in Seattle? Video of triangular object goes viral

In baffling footage taken above Seattle, Washington, a craft appears to hover in the air.

It seems to remain completely still and has a clear triangular shape.

The video was captioned: “Triangle UFO or TR-3B filmed in Seattle,” and fans were quick to voice their thoughts.

“Looks like a military jet,” one wrote.

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UFO technology: Has US military built space ship to travel the universe?

Global powerhouses are in a race to get back to the moon, and ultimately to Mars, and conspiracy theorists are speculating the US could be leading the race after spotting something suspicious.

Users of Google Earth have been trawling the online globe to spot any suspicious activity and believe they have found something in New Mexico.

Two triangular crafts have been spotted in the middle of a massive 900 metre circle in the desert of New Mexico.

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Top-secret US technology SPOTTED? Mysterious ‘triangle UFO’ linked to military experiments

Incredible footage has captured a bizarre “triangle UFO” flying across the El Paso sky in Texas this week.
The mysterious sighting has been linked to top-secret US technology developed at a nearby military research base.

Online viewers speculated that the aircraft, which has left many baffled, was a TR-3B aircraft, which is part of a “black government project”.
Several sightings of “black project” aircrafts have been recorded close to military testing areas, such as Edwards Air Force Base in California, and United States Air Force Plant 42.

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Credit: Golden Age of Gaia

The Monetary System is Collapsing — May 17, 2018

Lack of logical foundation President Richard M. Nixon announced on August 15, 1971, that the U.S. would no longer officially exchange dollars for gold and many are still referring to that decision as one of the biggest mistakes ever. Nixon, for one, thought gold-price stability was bogus. It has since become clear why he went…Read more & video

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$21 trillion of unauthorized spending by US govt discovered by economics professor (Video) – January 25, 2018

$21 trillion of unauthorized spending by US govt discovered by economics professor

© Lee Jae Won / Reuters


The US government may have misspent $21 trillion, a professor at Michigan State University has found. Papers supporting the study briefly went missing just as an audit was announced.

Two departments of the US federal government may have spent as much as $21 trillion on things they can’t account for between 1998 and 2015. At least that’s what Mark Skidmore, a Professor of Economics at MSU specializing in public finance, and his team have found.

They came up with the figure after digging the websites of departments of Defense (DoD) and Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as well as repots of the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) over summer.

The research was triggered by Skidmore hearing Catherine Austin Fitts, a former Assistant Secretary in the HUD in the first Bush administration, saying the Inspector General found $6.5 trillion worth of military spending that the DoD couldn’t account for. She was referring to a July 2016 report by the OIG, but Skidmore thought she must be mistaking billion for trillion. Based on his previous experience with public finances, he thought the figure was too big even for an organization as large as the US military.

“Sometimes you have an adjustment just because you don’t have adequate transactions… so an auditor would just recede. Usually it’s just a small portion of authorized spending, maybe one percent at most. So for the Army one percent would be $1.2 billion of transactions that you just can’t account for,” he explained in an interview with USAWatchdog.com earlier this month.

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