Editorial Note: On News of Cabal Takedown – Golden Age of Gaia – July 21, 2018

Folks, it looks like the takedown of the deep state is beginning in earnest.

The transfer of terabytes of information from President Putin to President Trump allegedly contains information on officials at all levels of government, intelligence and justice communities.

This looks to be the events that have been expected for months or years.

Some readers have written in and said that they don’t like us reporting on political events.

I don’t see how we can avoid it.  We must report on world-changing events.

So if you come here only for spiritual sustenance and not for news of accountability, then perhaps take a vacation for however long it takes to report on the takedown.

Or simply don’t read the stories.

Exercise your right as a spiritual adult to determine what goes into your mind and what does not.

Does this mean that we’ve suddenly become a shrieking, anti-everything-that-we-don’t-like, jingoistic blog?  No, it doesn’t.

It means that the long-awaited phase of Ascension called “accountability” (1) is in full swing and people/lightworkers may need to hear what’s unfolding. And it looks to be extremely fast-paced.

Chances are you won’t find mention of these matters in the mainstream media. And we may have to draw on sources that have in the past been more polemical than we might like, like Hal Turner for instance.

You’ll need to use your discernment in some instances.  (2)

Thank you for understanding.


(1) For more on the Accountability phase of Ascension, see here: “On Accountability / Containment” at http://goldenageofgaia.com/accountability/

(2) I’m not yet willing to edit another blog’s material when I reproduce an article in its entirety. I’ll use a small quote, yes, which gets around the problem, but I tend not to edit out unfavorable information when I reproduce the whole article.

Source: Golden Age of Gaia