(Video) SyrianGirl kritiserar Greta Thunberg och klimatrörelsen — VAKEN.se – 8 Februari, 2020

(VAKEN.se) SyrianGirl kritiserar Greta Thunberg och klimatrörelsen samt menar att det främst är redan rika personer och organisationer som tjänar på agendan de driver. Massmedia och eliten vill hellre att folk protesterar mot ett upplevt ”klimathot” som inte har tunga bevis bakom sig än att de proteserar mot krig. Hon kallar de som åker världen runt för att besöka konferanser för att prata om ”klimathotet” för ”champagne socialists”. Väldigt rika personer som t.ex. Al Gore och Bill Gates driver propaganda om klimathotet och investerar samtidigt i verksamheter som kan tjäna enorma pengar på så kallade kolkrediter (carbon credits). Det blir ännu ett sätt att ge än mer pengar till världens redan stenrika elit.

Video: “SyrianGirl explains the US agenda in the Middle East and analyzes current events” (57:55) via VAKEN.se

James Gilliland: Occasional Cortex’s Green New Deal, Qanon, Taking Down the Masks — Era of Light – April 1, 2019

There is the red pill, the blue pill and now the green pill. The green pill comes with a 93 trillion dollar, price tag the hardest pill to swallow. It was voted down 57 to 0 not one vote was cast in favor. Is it the rotting carcass of the green new deal or the fearless farting cows after their reprieve? Something smells and it is called fear generated socialism. Her junk science rants have no basis in reality. Let’s look at the real science. There are two sets of data, adjusted data and real data. Global warming is based on adjusted data fudged by those who stand to profit. The real data according to NASA actually show the poles have gained the ice fields back, the oceans are cooling. The global temperatures are going down. We are entering what is called the Munder Minimum which often results in a major increase in earth changes. The sun cycles are the major drive behind climate change. The carbon footprint does not play a major role. In fact a greenhouse effect would mitigate some of the climate change which in fact is cooling. Without CO2 you would have no plants. Volcanoes have the best ecosystems. Reason this all the planets are going through climate change. Do we have SUVs on the moon and mars? We do have vehicles up there but they don’t run on gas. Long off topic story. Or is it? This is the real science. This is why the cofounder of Greenpeace, the majority of independent scientists all saying Global Warming is a farce, a perpetuated hoax by people trying to capitalize on carbon credits, government sponsored projects, some deadly like geoengineering,”Chemtrails”. I think stopping cows from farting is highly overrated as far as a solution to the problem.

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