Help Change the World on December 21! | PFC

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Help Change the World on December 21!

A message from our friends and partners at Sisterhood of the Rose:

Is 20 minutes of your time worth helping to change our world for the better? Join the Age of Aquarius Final Activation global synchronized meditation on December 21 during the powerful Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 6:22pm UTC (1:22pm New York/7:22pm Paris). For more time zones, visit:…

Video(3:33): Help Change the World on December 21! — Prepare For Change

Groundbreaking Documentary Showcases Solutions To Make The World Truly Thrive | Collective Evolution – Sept 2, 2020

Collective Evolution | By Joe Martino

  • The Facts: A new documentary from the creators of Thrive aims to showcase technological solutions to help our world thrive. The film also explores the deep true nature of our reality.
  • Reflect On: What holds us back as a society from truly thriving? Do we have the capability but simply not realize it? Do our current actions simply accept and play into the world we have today, which forces us to survive only, and not thrive?

We’ve all heard of sustainability, but is this really what we want? To simply sustain? What about the idea of thriving? That is to say, live in a world that works harmoniously for everything and everyone, and that has the ability to always access our full potentiality. These systems can fluidly expand as our thinking, consciousness, and innovations expand. This, as opposed to today, where rigidity, scientism, ideologies, and economies hold the world back from getting even basic needs.

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St. Germain Needs all Lightworkers to Hold the Energy | Sacred Heart Flame — Voyages of Light – January 25, 2020

222 Energies – Master Saint Germain needs all lightworkers to hold the energy

Voyages of Light  Governments throughout the world no longer honor or listen to those they lead. They are influenced and co-opted by banks, corporations and organizations – multinational and local. The results: unprecedented human suffering, crippling financial hardships, tremendous loss of animal life, devastating destruction of natural resources and habitat. The corruption in all executive, judicial and legislative arenas is so deeply entrenched that it is beyond correction or repair. Leadership roles in and for humanity must be deeply examined and thoughtfully redefined and restructured by all, at every level. We invite you to bring your energy and love to prepare this world and all life for the transitions that must take place. →

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