Be Gentle | The Creator Writings via Jennifer Farley – January 3, 2021

Please be gentle with yourself.  Yes, you are an enlightened being with limitless power but, you are also a human, living a human life in an extraordinary time.  Be gentle with others.  Many have not had the time or inclination to develop the tools you are familiar with and may be scared.  In showing care to yourself and others, you are helping raise the vibrational level of your Earth plane.  This is what you have been asking for…let the change happen. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Source: Be Gentle — The Creator Writings

Are You ‘Going to War’ with the Dark? ∞The 9D Arcturian Council | Daniel Scranton’s Channeling – December 31, 2020

Are You ‘Going to War’ with the Dark? ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are letting ourselves expand with every passing moment. We can feel within ourselves an innate desire to become more of who we really are and to slowly release the limitations of the ninth dimension, as we slip into the tenth. We are a part of this universal shift in consciousness that humankind is at the center of there on Earth. You all have the biggest leap forward to make, and that is why there is so much attention on you at this time. That is why you have so many helpers, so many interested parties, and it is also why you are struggling there on Earth.

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[Video x 2] X22 Report: Episode 2366 — Trump Traps Congress | “Move Slowly, Carefully — And Then Strike Like The Fastest Animal On The Planet!”

By X22 Report – December 30, 2020

Ep. 2366a – Trump Traps Congress, The People Are Watching

Trump has now trapped, congress. Congress has been put into the spotlight with the stimulus bill and the NDAA. Now people are watching to see how congress handles this. This is something they do not want, they are exposed. The EU begins to talk about the great reset, this is already failing.


Ep. 2366b – “Move Slowly, Carefully — And Then Strike Like The Fastest Animal On The Planet!”

The [DS]/MSM has just been exposed. The idea that there is no such thing as election fraud and that the election systems are secure has just been debunked. GA held a hearing and now the GA lawmakers are looking into the ballots. The entire election scam is falling apart and those who [knowingly] participated are feeling the heat. Tick tock time is running out.


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What will you Carry into 2021? | The Angels via Ann Albers — Voyages of Light

Voyages of Light | Message from the Angels 12/26/20

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

As you approach the end of a year unlike any other, ask yourself, “What do I want to take with me as I move forward into a new year?” As challenging as this year has been, the gifts have been many.

If you focus on what you are vehemently glad to be leaving behind, you will energetically take it with you. If instead you focus with appreciation upon what you have learned, how you have grown, and all the gifts of grace that have emerged from the seeming chaos, then you take those gifts with you. You can pick up the gifts of 2020 and bring them into 2021, or you can carry the baggage and bring that forward.

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“I Love You” Practice | Alcazar Quotes — Voyages of Light – December 25, 2020

“I Love You” Practice

You never would have imagined that by saying: “I love you. I love you. I love you,” change would happen to the physical body. But when you’re looking in the mirror and you’re genuinely saying: “I love you,” and you’re starting to feel it, the body responds. The body responds. That’s why Alcazar gives us these very simple techniques. If we said to you, say: “I love you. I love you. I love you'” and your body will heal, no, it wouldn’t, because you’re doing it for the wrong reasons. Do these simple exercises just for the love of yourself, just because they will be a benefit to you. You have no idea what may happen. We’re all unique. The changes that happen to us individually are unique to us and there’s no magic formula about how to change. And so, these different techniques are offered. Use them. And you have to practice them. It’s no good doing it once and then saying: “Ah, that didn’t work.” You have to overcome the resistance to doing it. If there’s a resistance to doing it, there’s a benefit there for you. So overcome the resistance.

– Prageet

Going Quantum, Session 28

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Is COVID Lockdown Necessary? | The Final Wakeup Call

People have lost their Courage, Faith and Mind

The cost of lockdown

Payoff from Lock Down and Quarantine

Change is coming

The Final Wakeup Call – December 23, 2020

No need wearing a mask

The press and the health-authorities try to pretend that there is a battle going on between the mask-wearing “science” of Dr Fauci and the unmasked politics of

Donald Trump. But where is the science? Is there evidence that a non-mask-wearing society will be worse off than one where masks are obligatory? It doesn’t

exist. Some places require face masks; some don’t. Some people wear them; some don’t. Even the World Health Organisation now disputes the need for masks.

Here’s its new guideline: Continue Reading → Is COVID Lockdown Necessary? — The Final Wakeup Call – English

Nederlands: Is COVID Lockdown nodig?

Mensen hebben hun moed, geloof en verstand verloren De kosten van de lockdown Resultaat van Lock Down en Quarantaine Verandering komt eraan   Geen noodzaak om een masker te dragen De pers en de gezondheidsgezagdragers proberen te doen alsof er…Continue Reading →

Deutsch: Ist COVID Lockdown notwendig?

Die Menschen haben ihren Mut, ihren Glauben und ihren Verstand verloren Die Kosten des Lock Downs Ergebnis von Lock Down und Quarantäne Der Wende kommt   Keine Notwendigkeit, eine Maske zu tragen Die Presse und die Gesundheitsbehörden…Continue Reading →

Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – December 18, 2020

Mike Quinsey

Galactic Channelings

Dear Friends, Thank you for your great support, and I hope the messages have helped you through the year, it has certainly turned out to be much more than we could ever have anticipated. We have yet to understand the direction Humanity is going in but one thing seems certain, that we will not return to what we knew as “normal” and will have to accept many changes to our way of living. Matters are now moving at such a fast rate we can barely keep up with them. Undoubtedly change is at the heart of what is taking place, and the good news is that it is to speedily take us into a New Age that has little if any reason to carry forward the “old ways”. The New Year looks like being a roller coaster ride, so be prepared for many changes to the way you are used to living.

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[Video x 2] X22 Report: Episode 2345 — [CB] Pushes The Great Reset | Everything Is About To Change

By X22 Report – December 4, 2020

Ep. 2345a – [CB] Pushes The Great Reset, Now Panic Sets In

The economy continues to improve even though there are many Gov and Mayors not allowing the states to open up. The unemployment rate came down to 6.7%. [NP] admits that she held back and did not help the people during this time. The [CB]/[DS] begin panic, they are forcing the reset, but is anyone listening.


Ep. 2345b – [DS] Panics, Sends Message, Everything Is About To Change

The [DS]/MSM are in trouble, the evidence is pouring out and nothing can stop this. People are seeing it, they are now experiencing [e] fraud for the first time. [DS] panics, sends a message, GA is in the crosshairs. Everything is about to change, the truth is about to come out. The tide is turning.


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Mike Quinsey — Channeling his Higher Self – December 4, 2020

Mike Quinsey
Mike Quinsey

Galactic Channelings

The problems you have been experiencing through Covid19 are far from finished, and causing more problems without an end in sight. Job losses are mounting and future prospects look bleak, and every day more companies are going out of business. It is a symptom of the times you are living in, and the necessity to clear out that which will have no further use in the New Age. Where the US elections are concerned it looks like evidence will be provided to prove that fraud had taken place to prevent Trump from winning. There is ample time to provide proof of it but the outcome cannot be predetermined.

Many unfinished matters are surfacing for completion and in general terms it is a bit like “house cleaning”. The negative energies are being brought to the surface to be dealt with and cleared away for once and for all time. Remember that the energies are rising and there will inevitably come a point where they will no longer support the lower ones. That also applies to all souls and only those that are ready will ascend. Providing you keep your eyes on your goal and avoid being involved in negative actions, you will certainly be successful. In the midst of all of the upheaval you clearly have to keep a level head by keeping calm and not have your attention taken away from your plan for Ascension.

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Daily Teachings of the Masters | December 1, 2020 — Voyages of Light

Daily Teachings of the Masters

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Change is upon you.

Welcome it.

Let it lead to new discoveries.

New truths.

New understandings of self.

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