Mary Magdalene via Ann Dahlberg, May 26th, 2017

Mary Magdalene Friday, May 26, 2017 Channel: Ann Dahlberg I am Mary Magdalene and I rejoice with you today. I love Mother Earth and all that exist and grow there. I love to see the children when they run…Read more

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The Venus Beings via Natalie Glasson, May 26th, 2017

Become a Facilitator of Miracles by the Venus Beings Channelled through Natalie Glasson 26th May 2017 Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa Our all-encompassing love extends to you now, awakening the presence and truth of love within your being….Read more

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Daily Message ~ Friday May 26, 2017

Surrendering into what is desired is like setting your inner GPS to your next destination. It is an effective practice because you are willingly selecting the predominant energy you would like to experience and allowing your soul, your guides and helpers, and the universe to point the way there. It is co-creation at its finest…

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Just……….Go! May 26, 2017

Sometimes, it is necessary to let go; whether it be a thought, person or thing.  It may have been holding you back in ways you were never aware of and can be challenging to do, especially if you have invested a great deal of your time to it.
Once again, dearest child, never fear!  Releasing is, perhaps, the scariest part.  Once it has been accomplished, the lightness of being and freedom will outweigh any regrets you have regarding ‘wasted time’.  Remember, nothing is wasted if you choose to look at it as a learning experience.  Just take a deep breath……….and go. ~ Creator

Source: The Creator Writings 

Credit: The Galactic Free Press



Saul via John Smallman, May 25th, 2017

You have become so accustomed to your severely limiting life as a human that it seems normal. 05/25/2017 by John Smallman Saul Audio Blog for Friday May 26th Humanity’s awakening process appears very strange to many who are just now…Read more

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Angelic Guides via Taryn Crimi, May 25th, 2017

Today we would like to focus your attention upon the tremendous control that each of you have when it comes to how you choose to respond to the negative circumstances in your life. You are living in a world of…Read more

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Daily Message ~ Thursday May 25, 2017

The energy that presents to you is a match to what you have already experienced combined with new potentials that are opening up to you. You might think of it as a lineup of plays you can attend during a season. You can choose to see a performance that you have already seen and enjoyed…

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