[V]ideo: [B]enghazi [B]etrayal | Charles Woods & Nick Noe at #AMP Fest

Source: Anna Khait – Oct 12, 2020

Heartbreaking story of Charles Woods (father of Tyrone Woods killed in [B]enghazi) and how he was lied to by the [O]bama administration after [B]enghazi at AMP Fest in Florida on October 11th, 2020. Charles received intel about what truly happened that terrible day. He explains with Nick Noe, [B]enghazi [w] histleblower, explosive NEW information about [B]enghazi, [O]sama Bin [L]aden, [S]eal [T]eam 6, and its connection to the 152 Billion Dollar [I]ran “nuclear deal”. ALL of the documents and audio proof is coming out shortly!

Video(54:45): https://youtu.be/Qu5tP-RW2ss

Credit: Prepare For Change