Vita Huset tar kontrollen över vänsterextremisternas ”nya stat” CHAZ i Seattle — NewsVoice – 2 Juli, 2020

(NewsVoice)  USA. Kayleigh McEnany som är Vita husets pressekreterare annonserar att Seattle har befriats från en ockupation av vänsterextremister som tidigare haft kontrollen över en stadsdel bestående av 6 kvarter som de namngivit Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ). →

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Swebbtv Nyheter 25 juni — SwebbTV


(SwebbTV)  Swebbtv Nyheter 25 juni 2020 om statyprotester, CHAZ, censuren på YouTube och mycket annat.

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Alternative News | Humans Are Free – June 23, 2020

Black Woman Tells Blm In Chaz:chop Territory That Planned Parenthood Is #1 Black Killer
Edmee Chavannes telling BLM demonstrators in Seattle that Planned Parenthood is #1 killer of black community

Black Woman Tells BLM In CHAZ/CHOP Territory That Planned Parenthood Is #1 Black Killer

(LifeSiteNews) ― Video footage has emerged of a courageous black woman inside CHAZ territory, the six square blocks in Seattle taken over by rioters, telling Black Lives Matter demonstrators that abortion giant Planned Parenthood is the “number one killer of the black population.” →

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Lenin Statue Erected In Germany As Founding Fathers Statues Toppled In West

Lenin Statue Erected In Germany As Founding Fathers Statues Toppled In West

While statues of Founding Fathers are being toppled in the West, a new monument to Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin was just erected in Germany. →

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Did Bill Gates Disappear? What’s He Been Up To These Last Few Months?

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Professor Peter Horby

UK Covid ‘Experts’ Facing Serious Data Manipulation Charges

The Government’s leading body for Covid19 drug trials – led by the controversial character Professor Peter Horby – stands accused of grossly misleading negative trial results for the coronavirus management drug Hydroxychloroqhine. →

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Global Facial Recognition Surveillance Program

‘The Stadium & Event Safety Strategic Alliance’ Will Create A Global Covert Facial Recognition Surveillance Program

A recent announcement describing the creation of a ‘stadium & event strategic alliance’ might be one of the most tone deaf announcements to come out of the sports world since the outbreak of COVID-19. →

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Antibodies Your Body Makes To Fight The Coronavirus Don’t Last Long

Antibodies Your Body Makes To Fight The Coronavirus Don’t Last Long

Antibodies that can supposedly grant immunity from COVID-19 have been the linchpin of many strategies to fight the ongoing pandemic. A new study, however, looks to put a damper on those plans. →

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John Ward

Franz Walker

Video claims Black Lives Matter terrorists going door to door, raping and sodomizing men, women and children as they go door to door in “CHAZ” Seattle — – June 20, 2020

(Natural News) A shocking new video has surfaced in which an individual claims his friend called him in a panic from inside the CHAZ war zone in Seattle, explaining he has witnessed horrifying acts being carried out by Black Lives Matter and Antifa terrorists while the Democrat mayor and governor stand by and do nothing.

From the video, shown below: →

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