An Andromedan Brother via Morag, April 6th, 2019

Channeled Message From Andromedean Brother

April 6, 2019

by Morag,
Contributing writer,

Greetings from the Andromedean Galaxy. We are your neighbors, friends and allies. We have our brothers and sisters present on your planet as light bearers. We see swirls of thick black shadow engulfing your inhabited spaces. We see the construction of future cities hidden from the population. The secrets run deep. Black energy, the vacuum of greed and hate, envelops the human collective consciousness. Negative coding runs through all motherboards. Our allies in the skies and on the ground see all as we do. Crystalline lightwaves are being channeled through celestial portals to target this black energy and break it up. The energy has faces, remnants of past lives. The astral plane is being cleared to lighten the frequencies around the planet. We are here to offer words of comfort to those realigning to higher dimensional realms. The process each of you has undertaken will manifest as your soul journey and purpose. Many of you are finding breaking the programming very difficult. We would like to share with you ways you can break the negative coding and raise your inner vibration. Read more

Nine Ways to Use the Element of Happiness and Success – November 5, 2017

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There are two elements that are key in feng shui: Fire and Water. The importance of water has been covered at length, but the element of fire is often overlooked, though it shouldn’t be. Fire is an essential element. It keeps us warm and cooks our food. As we all know, fire can also cause serious damage, such as a house burning down or a raging wildfire. But fire brings many benefits, especially in feng shui and Asian thought. The color of fire is red and the color red activates, effectively turning the power on to wherever it’s used or placed. Using it the right way can bring material rewards, recognition, fame, pleasure and happiness. What’s not to love about fire?

9 Feng Shui Ways to Use the Fire Element for Success & Happiness

1. Come on, get happy.

Water is the element of wealth, but it’s negative side, water represents sadness and depression. But fire is the element of happiness pure and simple, and red is the color of fire. If you’ve been down, use red colors to lift your spirits. Just think of all those red lanterns and red envelopes the Chinese use at the New Year and the festive look it has. Red is an activator, so when you feel stuck and stagnant or worry too much, add some red color to your home. Use red decorations for all happy occasions – or just when you want to feel happy.

2. Go full flame on your love Life.

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