20 Million Quarantined as “Deadly” Coronavirus Reaches the U.S. — The Truth About Cancer – January 24, 2020

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(TheTuthAboutCancer)  In the wake of a new respiratory virus, Chinese authorities have shut down at least 5 cities, impacting tens of millions of people. The coronavirus, which first appeared only a month ago, has infected more than 630 people and is responsible for at least 17 deaths so far. The World Health Organization (WHO) is expected to declare a global health emergency sometime today. →

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Western Media Silent as China Enslaving Citizens in Concentration Camps, Demolishing Churches — The Free Thought Project – October 22, 2019

(The Free Thought Project)  Millions of Americans are about to be celebrating the Christmas season not being fully aware just how anti-religion and anti-spiritual the People’s Republic of China actually is. Not only do they persecute Christians and demolish their houses of worship, but they force innocent people into slave labor making Christmas lights for 10 hours a day in what can be referred to as black site concentration camps. Seriously. →

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Watch Hong Kong Protesters Use Lasers to Disrupt Facial Recognition — Aug 2, 2019

By John Vibes

In the recent wave of demonstrations to sweep Hong Kong, tensions between protesters and police have continued to escalate.

The protests began with a simple demand for the government of mainland China to cancel a controversial extradition treaty, which would allow the government to arrest citizens of Hong Kong to face charges in China.

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