The US Government’s Torture of Children by Judy Byington – June 17, 2018

Judy Note: Some of the below links don’t work. I left them in to show how pervasive a cover-up has become on the US government torture of children paid out of our taxpayer dollars.
An FBI Case Agent discovered an email from Hillary Clinton (page 324 of the just released IG Report) that referenced child trafficking, but was told, “We can’t be looking at this.”
Evidently the IG Report found thousands of emails on Anthony Weiner’s laptop concerning the “Clinton Foundation and Crimes Against Children” that have yet to find the mainstream media.
Over a year ago a Child Trafficking Scandal “Tucson-Gate” was suspected to have linked child trafficking to the Clintons, Tucson Arizona Mayor Jonathan Rothschild and Casa de Los Ninos children’s shelter.
Government sponsored torture and abuse of children appeared to be pervasive. On June 16 Kristine Guerra of The Washington Post discussed little girl no older than 2 taken from her mother the night before and brought to a shelter run by the Office of Refugee Resettlement along the Texas border. She was screaming and pounding her fists on a mat, though staff weren’t allowed to console her. That was the rule. They’re not allowed to touch the Children.

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