The Galactics and the Clean-up of Gaia – July 31, 2017

I’ve been asked what the galactics are doing to clean up the planet.

Let me ask them the question:

What are the galactics doing to clean up the planet?

SanJAsKA: We are constantly in your skies, helping to mitigate and in some cases, neutralize altogether, the pollution that is continually manifested and fed on your dearest Earth.

The cabals have quite purposely taken to harming Gaia by way of polluting Her ground, skies, waterways and atmosphere and as such, we take to stationing ourselves in dearest Gaia’s sky so that we can send out formulas and energies that help in the mitigation of the negative effects the massive pollution being fed would otherwise have.

In so many areas of your world the cabals have established refineries, mills and other things that are intended to produce commodities and foods on your Earth, but that pollute Her surface and atmosphere drastically.

We ask for the collective of humanity to begin getting as active as you possibly can in raising awareness of the massive pollution that is being fed, because as a collective you can truly get so much more accomplished than you would readily believe.

Your collective power is quite strong indeed, which is why you have been kept separated for so very long. (1)

What about radiation? Fukushima, for instance, must be an unmitigated disaster.

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