Clinton Body Count Reaches #56: Haiti Official Who Exposed The Clinton Foundation Is Found Dead, July 16th, 2017

Eberwein was a former Haitian government official who was expected to expose the extent of Clinton Foundation corruption and malpractice next week.

He has been found dead in Miami at the age of 50.

The circumstances surrounding Eberwein’s death are also nothing less than unpalatable. According to Miami-Dade’s medical examiner records supervisor, the official cause of death is “gunshot to the head.“ Eberwein’s death has been registered as “suicide” by the government. But not long before his death, he acknowledged that his life was in danger because he was outspoken on the criminal activities of the Clinton Foundation. 

Eberwein was a fierce critic of the Clinton Foundation’s activities in the Caribbean island, where he served as director general of the government’s economic development agency, Fonds d’assistance économique et social, for three years. “The Clinton Foundation, they are criminals, they are thieves, they are liars, they are a disgrace,” Eberwein said at a protest outside the Clinton Foundation headquarters in Manhattan last year. Eberwein was due to appear on Tuesday before the Haitian Senate Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission where he was widely expected to testify that the Clinton Foundation misappropriated Haiti earthquake donations from international donors. But this “suicide” gets even more disturbing…


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CIA Created ISIS — Assange Drops Bombshell on WikiLeaks Release of 500K US Cables(Video) – March 25, 2017

By thefreethoughtproject The founder of the transparency organization of WikiLeaks released a statement yesterday upon the release of over 500,000 diplomatic cables dating back to 1979, which succinctly reveals how the CIA was essentially responsible for creating the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group. The timing of the release coincided with the sixth anniversary of WikiLeaks…

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“Riots of the Uninformed” – James Gilliland Intel Update, November 10th, 2016

“TheLightHasWon says: I do not like the word “the brain dead” in the below article it is condescending. I would instead use the word “the manipulated“.”


“Riots of the Uninformed” – James Gilliland Intel Update 11-10-16

Riots of the Brain Dead and UninformedI was listening to the radio this morning about the riots in Seattle and Portland. It is almost beyond belief that people were saying I am rioting for Hilary. OMG the fluoride and the chemtrails are working. The New World Order, genocidal, warmonger, criminal, corrupt puppet lost. A woman with a long history of a trail of death and destruction going back to WACO,, Iraq, Lybia, The Bengazi Coverup of illegal arms sales to ISIS, yes ISIS, the corrupt pay to play money laundering Clinton Foundation, extensive drug use and pedophile operations has lost her bid to run America. WTF? Did you know Wiki Leaks got its information from the FBI and the CIA? Loyal White Hats that could not stand the thought of the Clintons running the country. I have never seen such an ignorant, uninformed brainwashed America. Many just wanted a female president unfortunately she bears little or no resemblance to a female. Has America lost all heart, all inner sensitivity, discernment, cant you feel what these people are all about? Obviously not!

What you don’t know is Trump is already acting as president under the New Republic and he is restoring our God given rights. Our constitution; which became toilet paper with the old regime the United States Corporation Inc. a now defunct corporation. He is working arduously on releasing the World Restoration Funds, Debt relief and the new debt free treasury notes backed by gold. He is putting his and his family’s life on the line. Bringing in the new currency; which was tried by Lincoln, John Kennedy, and Regan, look what happened to them. Luckily he has the Generals behind him the highest law of the land. They are going to insure the Republic is restored. Meanwhile the brain dead, ignorant and uninformed masses are attacking their savior. Sound familiar? Are we a nation of brain dead zombies being lead by the queen zombie herself? Are we suffering from the Stockholm Effect, worshipping and serving the very captors who have enslaved us through debt, manufactured lack creating an extreme uneven dispersal of wealth? It is sure looking that way.

Trumps campaign brought all the rats out from under the woodwork in main stream corporate sponsored media as well as the agencies hiding the Clinton criminal history. He exposed a long history of corruption, black mail, and murder for the lust of power and wealth. He was the wild card the banksters could not control. I still would like to see a council of Grandmothers running the country, people chosen because of their history of service and spiritual adeptness. Right now for the house cleaning process Trump is the guy. We need to support him and hold his feet to the fire making sure he continues to give the NWO a major black eye. Hitlery was the choice of the banksters and NWO. The reason she was not charged for a long list of felonies, and treason was due to bribes and black mail. Yet just because she has a uterus and played the feminine victim card, actually having a long history of victimizing Bills victims etc. People fell for it. The master manipulator and politician played women like a fiddle. I am not saying trump is a saint. I myself have used bad humor in the past to be one of the boys yet have evolved somewhat beyond that. It is societal programming and yes it has to stop. The point I am making is he never belonged to a pedophile ring, raped underage women, viciously attacked and harassed Bills victims as revealed by the victims, Wiki Leaks, her emails and the emails of her associates. In conclusion DO THE RESEARCH. Don’t fall for the lies and manipulations. Get behind the restoration of the Republic, the restoration of honor and integrity throughout all the agencies. Great things are unfolding. The days of tyranny are coming to a close. Humanity and the Earth are awakening and healing. The tyrants are being exposed; the double talk and programming are failing.

This is a global event. Get behind it. If you want the woman’s voice to be heard support a woman of integrity, a strong heart and one who truly loves humanity. They have presented themselves such as Jill Stein and others yet they were virtually ignored by the media. The corporate media fully supported Hilary. So what does that tell you? Please America wake up, turn off your TVs, develop your own inner sensitivity, use some critical thinking. Don’t let yourself be swayed and manipulated by the lame stream media. I know this is going to piss off a lot of people, truth hurts especially when you realize you have been lied too and your trust has been completely betrayed. Lets get back to honesty, integrity, love and service, back in the heart and listen. You will hear that small voice saying it is time, let it go, wake up and remember.

Be well,
James Gilliland


”Kravaller bland de O-informerade” av James Gilliland Intel, 10 november, 2016


”Kravaller bland de O-informerade”

James Gilliland Intel

10 november, 2016

Kravaller bland de Hjärndöda och de O-informerade!

I morse lyssnade jag på radion, om upploppen i Seattle och Portland. Det är nästan obegripligt att folk sade ’Jag deltar i ett upplopp för Hillary’. Min Gud, fluor och alla chemtrails fungerar. Marionetten som förespråkade ”New World Order”, folkmord, krigshets, kriminalitet och korruption förlorade. Kvinnan med en lång historia av död och förödelse bakom sig, förstörelse som går tillbaka till WACO, Irak, Libyen, mörkläggningen i Bengazi med illegal vapenförsäljning till ISIS, japp ISIS, de korrumperade betalningarna i samband med pengatvättande Clinton Foundation, utbrett drogmissbruk och pedofil-verksamheter har förlorat sitt försök att driva Amerika. Vafan? Visste ni att Wiki Leaks fick sin information från FBI och CIA? Lojala Vita Hattar som inte kunde stå ut med tanken på att Clintons skulle driva landet. Jag har aldrig upplevt ett sådant ignorant, o-informerat hjärntvättat Amerika. Många ville bara ha en kvinnlig president, olyckligtvis har hon föga eller ingen likhet med en kvinna. Har Amerika helt tappat modet, all inre känslighet, all urskillningsförmåga, kan ni inte känna vad dessa människor handlar om? Uppenbarligen inte!

Vad ni inte känner till är att Trump redan agerar som president under den Nya Republiken och han håller på att återställa våra Gudagivna rättigheter. Vår konstitution; som blev toalettpapper med den gamla regimen Bolaget Förenta Staterna (Inc), ett numera utdött bolag. Han arbetar hårt med att släppa fria Medlen för att Återställa Världen, Skuldfrihet och nya skuldfria sedlar som backas upp med guld. Han riskerar sitt och sin familjs liv. Att införa den nya valutan; vilket försöktes göra av Lincoln, John Kennedy och Reagan; se vad som hände dem. Som tur är har han Generalerna bakom sig, landets högsta lag. De kommer att säkerställa att Republiken blir återställd. Under tiden attackerar de hjärndöda, ignoranta och o-informerade massorna sin frälsare. Låter det bekant? Är vi en nation av hjärndöda zombier som blir ledda av självaste drottning-zombien? Lider vi av Stockholm-Syndromet, där man dyrkar och servar självaste de förövare som har förslavat oss genom skulder och som har fabricerat den brist som skapade en extremt ojämn spridning av rikedomarna? Sannerligen ser det ut så.

Trumps kampanj fick alla råttor att dyka upp, i bolags-sponsrade massmedia så väl som av de agenturer som döljer Clintons kriminella historia. Han exponerade en lång historia bestående av korruption, utpressning och mord, för lusten för makt och rikedom. Han var det vilda kort som bankirerna inte kunde kontrollera. Jag skulle önska få se ett råd av Far-/Mor-mödrar som styr landet, människor som har valts på grund av sin historia av att tjäna och besitta andlig erfarenhet. Just nu är Trump rätt kille för att göra en husrensningsprocess. Vi måste stötta honom och uppmuntra honom, för att försäkra oss om att han fortsätter att ge NWO en ordentlig blåtira. Hitlery var bankirernas och NWO:s val. Orsaken till att hon inte åtalades för den långa listan av grova brott och högförräderi, var på grund av mutor och utpressning. Men bara för att hon har en livmoder och spelade på sitt feminina offerkort, och faktiskt hade en lång historia av att göra offer av Bills offer osv, så föll folk för det. Den mästerliga manipuleraren och politikern spelade med kvinnor som på en fiol. Jag säger inte att Trump är ett helgon. Jag själv har tidigare använt mig av kass humor för att få vara en i gänget, ändå har jag utvecklats något bortom det. Det handlar om en samhällelig programmering och ja, det måste få ett slut. Poängen jag vill komma fram till, är att han aldrig har hört till en ring av pedofiler, våldtagit minderåriga kvinnor, brutalt attackerat och plågat Bills offer i enlighet med offrens utsago, Wiki Leaks, hennes e-mejl och hennes bundsförvanters e-mejl. Avslutningsvis: GÖR EFTERFORSKNINGAR. Fall inte för lögnerna och manipuleringarna. Ställ er bakom Republiken, återställandet av heder och integritet inom samtliga myndigheter. Storartade saker och ting håller på att vecklas ut. Tyranniets dagar håller på att komma till ett slut. Mänskligheten och Jorden håller på att vakna och bli helade. Tyrannerna håller på att bli avslöjade; dubbla budskap och programmeringar misslyckas. Detta är en global händelse. Ställ er bakom den. Om ni vill att en kvinnoröst ska bli hörd, stötta en kvinna med integritet, ett starkt hjärta och en som i sanning älskar mänskligheten. Dessa har presenterat sig, såsom Jill Stein och andra, ändå blev de praktiskt taget ignorerade av media. Bolags-media stöttade Hillary fullt ut. Så vad säger det er? Snälla Amerika, vakna upp, stäng av er TV, utveckla er egen inre känslighet, börja använda lite kritiskt tänkande. Låt inte er själva svaja och bli manipulerade av den förlamade massmedian. Jag vet att detta kommer att göra en massa folk ursinniga, sanningen smärtar, speciellt när ni inser att ni har fått höra lögner och er tillit fullständigt har svikits. Låt oss återgå till ärlighet, integritet, kärlek och tjänande, tillbaka till hjärtat för att lyssna. Ni kommer att få höra den stilla rösten som säger att det är dags, släpp taget, vakna upp och börja minnas.

Må väl,

James Gilliland.


“Riots of the Uninformed” – James Gilliland Intel Update, November 10th


Översättning: Aslög Bergman –

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of November 6, 2016

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Nov. 6 2016

Compiled in the early morning hours of 6 Nov. 2016 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, Author, “Twenty Two Faces,”, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery

A. Operation Sunrise RV: “Operation Sunrise” – RV Fact – November 5, 2016

Operation Sunrise in Beijing begins @ 3:48am EST on Nov. 6, 2016.

B. Nov. 5 2016 Philip Tilton “Short and Simple.”

1. Today Nov. 5 2016 all Tier 1 platforms received letters from the IMF stating they can access their funds on Wed. Nov. 9.

2. The currency will be released at the same time on Wed. Nov. 9. Those letters will be out by Thurs. Nov. 10.

3. Four Winds News reported on what could happen if Hillary Clinton is indicted: HERE’S WHAT COULD HAPPEN IF HILLARY CLINTON IS INDICTED …

C. Nov. 5 2016 5pm EST GESARA Update: “5th of November” – GESARA Update – Saturday – November 5, 2016

1. A long planned massive 9/11 type assault had been planned for this day Nov. 5 2016. That will not happen now thanks to courageous white hat men and women in multiple countries who rooted out evil agents and rendered their weapons of mass destruction impotent.

2. If you don’t want to be a hero in his fight then redeem your currencies at the lower rates, take the money and run away from the fight.

3. If you want to do your part, demand higher sovereign rates in your currency exchange, then commit your post RV life to disbursing infinite amounts in the love of God.

4. That’s what is needed now after he banks close tonight Nov. 5 2016. That’s the challenge of this day Nov. 5 2016 when GESARA is revealed to the global population.

D. FBI agents leaked that the Obama Dept. of Justice is blocking two different indictments regarding criminal charges against Hillary Clinton: Mutiny in the FBI, Obama’s DOJ Blocked Hillary Two Indictments Alexander Higgins

1. As new Huma emails are discovered, FBI agents have leaked the Obama Department of Justice is blocking two different indictments against Hillary, each of which they believe they have a strong chance of indicting her on criminal charges.

2. FBI agents revealed that for nearly a year they have been in a struggle against officials appointed in the Department of Justice by President Obama.

3. The agents insisted their case was strong enough prior to the WikiLeaks Podesta Email revelations to serve an indictment but the recent revelations add to the evidence they already have.

4. Agents have also revealed that the investigation into the Hillary has uncovered new emails found on Hillary Clinton’s private server which the FBI believes are classified.

E. Nov. 5 2016 RayRen98 TNT Intel:

1. It has been reported that PM Abadi was on Iraqi TV today Nov. 5 2016 visiting and inspecting Mosul. Thousands of families were seen returning to Mosul.

2. The Iraqi budget had its second reading today. It was stated that the IMF will review with the CBI on Mon Nov. 7 2016 the status of the finance minister.

3. Celebrations are happening.

4. Also on TV, the CBI signed a deal with the US Treasury to eliminate funding of Daesh and that article 140 is finished and ready.

F. Nov. 5 2016 10:06 pm EST: Mark this Day, November 4, 2016″ – Guest Post by Annelot

1. November 4 2016 signifies the official enactment of GESARA by the Global Community. This day is Independence Day for the world.

2. The United Nations and other countries will help us to enact NESARA in the United States of America. A goal that was thwarted Sept. 11, 2001 with the “false flag terrorist” attack of the Twin Towers.

3. Nov. 4 2016 is the official end of the New World Order (NWO) and all their thousands of agencies strategically placed all over the world in a network that went unnoticed by the majority of us (See Ted Talks: Who Controls The World:

4. This network has infiltrated into every social institute of the world creating a worldwide dependence that has helped the rich get richer and made the working class perpetual slaves to their taskmasters

5. Video Credit to United Nations YouTube channel:

6. GESARA is the Global Economic Security and Reformation Act. You can review NESARA:

G. Nov. 5 2016 Summary of Nov. 4: Clintons & 21 others were set to be indicted by the FBI for Human Trafficking, Sex Crimes with Minors, Tax Evasion, Treason, Obstruction of Justice, Election Fraud & Manipulation & Bribery. Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of November 5, 2016

1. Billionaire George Soros, a close friend of Barak Obama, the Clintons and Bushes owns both the voting machines and the programs that run them.

2. Barack Obama ordered the FBI not to indict Hillary and stopped them from convening a Grand Jury to indict the Clinton Foundation.

3. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Loretta Lynch, the Department of Justice, the State Department, the IRS and our mass media, newspapers, magazines and social media including Google, Facebook and Twitter have lied, censored, conspired and manipulated information to place Hillary in a good light and Trump in a bad light.

4. There is a 99% chance that Bill and Hillary Clinton will be indicted for criminal activity involving hundreds of millions of dollars. They are under suspicion for selling influence to enrich themselves. They sold favors to nations that are sworn enemies of the U.S.!

5. Over 100 “rogue” FBI agents who couldn’t take the filth, lies, and abuse of power on the American people anymore forced FBI Director Comey’s hand to reopen investigations on Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. These agents are true American heroes.

6. Over the next few days many new documents will be released containing evidence of perhaps the largest coverup in American History. WikiLeaks and Anonymous have worked together in building an efficient, detailed, comprehensive set of documents that would be responsible for the incarceration of Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and 21 individuals ranging from the DNC, FBI, CIA, and Clinton foundation.

7. These documents will show without a doubt, evidence of Treason, Obstruction of Justice, Election Fraud & Manipulation, and Bribery.

8. The new leaks being released this week will provide documents in the form of emails, pictures, and videos. Within these will be evidence of Bill Clinton, as well as at least 6 other Government officials, taking part in acts with minors. As well as evidence of Human trafficking that also included minors.

9. According to sources with the FBI, it is being heavily reported that FBI Director James Comey has ordered all agents in the Washington D.C. field office and Hoover Building headquarters to report to work immediately Friday morning Nov. 4 2016. “We’re preparing for many arrests from the top down,” an FBI source stated.

10. Part of the FBI investigation spawned from WikiLeaks releasing thousands of emails and documents purporting that the Clinton Foundation was linked to child exploitation and sex crimes with minors. Another investigation entails the IRS reviewing the Clinton Foundation for tax evasion, money laundering, Perjury, Pay to play through the Clinton Foundation, Obstruction of Justice and other felony crimes.

11. Sources with with the FBI are indicating that orders have come down from the very top that they will be taking actions immediately against Hillary Clinton, her team, and her foundation.

12. Charges for these crimes would likely result in long prison sentences, hefty fines and Hillary Clinton losing this election.

H. Nov. 5 2016 6:33 am EST: “Thoughts these Early Morning Hours” – Guest Post by PinkRoses Thoughts from a survivor of Clinton’s international child exploitation ring.

I. Nov. 5 2016 6:54 am EST: “Admiral’s Early Bond Releases” – Veritas Report – November 5, 2016 By VERITAS

My family history has deep and visible roots in the very beginnings when America became America, though I gave up on the country that I was raised to love. I felt that the corruption here in the US was so immense, so deep and all-encompassing, that it could never be overcome.Then I met and interacted daily with so many individuals actually fighting this fight and I couldn’t remain silent any longer. Tonight I sit here very soberly, watching once again with a hope for the United States.

It is not the time for despair but for real hope.

It is not the time for discouragement but for action.

It is not the time for hate but for love.

Not since the beginning of our country has there truly been such a need for the intelligent, thoughtful, loyal and determined citizens to be involved. As a currency exchange participant, you should truly feel good because that action alone sets you apart; makes you actively involved in changing how things will happen from now on. Perhaps in the beginning it was a move for you to get ahead; a way to catch up; a way to multiply your money and change your financial position.

I would solidly bet that it isn’t just about that for you now. I’ll bet that, like me, you have regained a hope that we can fix our country. Where are we?

1. Some of the Admiral’s transactions from early historical bond releases have released and individuals can spend. The majority are still stuck in the vast morass of “Paymaster” where they are held for final release pending the great “go” for which we all wait.

2. On the 800 registration number release everything is totally prepared. All funds are in final accounts, fully primed, just waiting authorization for use. Everyone that needs to be in Reno to make this happen is there and ready to go.

3. The most unbelievable military actions are taking place. I have personally witnessed several locations and the activity.

4. I believe that at any point in time we will see a quick sequence of events that finish this. Even at the top there is such a discussion about what will happen – will the 800 registration number release prior to a NESARA announcement – will there be a public NESARA announcement, or will it go behind the scenes – will they use NESARA to stop the election, or will they ride it out and handle going forward after the election with an easy way forward through Trump to accomplish what needs to happen, or an indictment and/or impeachment of Clinton if voting results are forced to her favor? Will US citizens be included or excluded due to all of these difficulties?

5. I consistently receive information from the highest sources that it is all going and reassurance that all the scenarios I worry about I should stop worrying about. It is happening and soon. I certainly believe that this will be over the next few days. Some indicate prior to the election and over the weekend. That is the majority. One indicates a belief that they will wait to see how the election goes. When there are gag orders, the higher-ups speculate as you do.

6. So I sit here now with you – waiting and wondering when the exact moment will be.
The last word I have is that it may hit during the night. I hope for action today. I know that only the New Powers That Be will know the moment they feel is perfect to hit this button. VERITAS


“Operation Sunrise” – RV Fact – November 5, 2016

“Admiral’s Early Bond Releases” – Veritas Report – 11.5.16

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of November 5, 2016

Terrifying Things About the US Gov to be Revealed

Guest Posts Regarding Humanitarian Project Ideas 11-5-16

Egypt Devalues and Floats its Currency, Meeting IMF Demand

Mark this Day, November 4, 2016″ – Guest Post by Annelot

Mutiny in the FBI, Obama’s DOJ Blocked Hillary Two Indictments

Alexander Higgins

“5th of November” – GESARA Update – Saturday – November 5, 2016


“Thoughts these Early Morning Hours” – Guest Post by PinkRoses

Sources with with the FBI

IRS reviewing the Clinton Foundation

More Intel Leaks From Insiders, November 5th, 2016

More Intel Leaks From Insiders Regarding The Take Down Of Corruption in Washington D.C. From 4chan /pol/, posted at 2:09am on Nov 3 “Over the next few days many new documents will be released. The contents of these documents…Read more

via More Intel Leaks From Insiders, November 5th — Sananda

Chairman of Homeland Security: Hillary Clinton Guilty of Treason, November 4th, 2016

Chairman of Homeland Security: Hillary Clinton Guilty of Treason

Posted this since this is all related the implementation of GESARA after the election has been cancelled. ~ Dinar Chronicles


Department of Homeland Security Chairman Michael McCaul Has Just Made The DAMNING Announcement

The Department of Homeland Security just went on the air with Fox News and told the American People that Hillary Clinton is guilty of treason.

In the damning announcement, Department of Homeland Security Chairman Michael McCaul revealed that Hillary Clinton clearlyacted against the multiple security warnings she received while Secretary of State.

Furthermore, he went on to release that Hillary Clinton took multiple devices overseas. Not only that, these devices were proven to be hacked by China, Russia, and the Islamic State of Iran.

The intent is clear. Hillary Clinton used the secret server to hide her actions from the American People. She committed pure treason against the United States. Here is the full video:

Read more: 


NYPD Blows Whistle on New Hillary Emails — November 2, 2016

Normally we don’t cover political events as closely as we may at this moment. History is being made here. The round-up that will take place probably goes very far beyond just the Clintons. My private opinion is that the cabal thought it would never be stopped and everyone got careless. Ascension with Mother Earth, Nov.…

via NYPD Blows Whistle on New Hillary Emails — Golden Age of Gaia

  • Money laundering
  • Child exploitation
  • Sex crimes with minors (children)
  • Perjury
  • Pay to play through Clinton Foundation
  • Obstruction of justice
  • Other felony crimes

Countercoup: Make This Video Viral — November 2, 2016

I hope everyone makes Steve Pieczenik’s video (below). This is what we’ve all been waiting for. (1) And while we’re at it, make a note to do something in support of the NYPD officers who revealed the existence of the emails on Al Wiener’s computer that lie at the heart of the present scandal and…

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