Koldioxid är inte smuts! | Kunskap om livets gas är livsviktig | NewsVoice.se

KLIMATET. Många svenska media menar att koldioxid skulle ”smutsa ned”. Det är dock en missuppfattning. Koldioxid är tvärtom växternas livsnödvändiga näring och ger genom fotosyntes atmosfären dess lika livsnödvändiga syre. Text: Tege Tornvall, nätverket Klimatsans | Bild: Grönskande skog vid flod. Foto: Lutz Dieckmann. Licens: Pixabay.com Media förordar beskattning av och handel med koldioxid i…

Koldioxid är inte smuts! – Kunskap om livets gas är livsviktig — NewsVoice.se

STUDY: Excess CO2 is greening the planet, not killing it | NaturalNews.com

Tuesday, September 21, 2021 by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) It did not get much coverage at the time, but a 2016 study found that carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are good for the planet and have helped to “green” it over the past 30 years.

Contrary to what the climate alarmists say, greenhouse gases are not destroying our earth. Some 32 authors from 24 institutions in eight countries agree that the roughly 70 percent increase in CO2 that has entered the atmosphere over the past several decades has helped the planet rather than hurt it.

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KLIMATSANS: ”Klimatet” kräver offentlig debatt i en demokrati ! !

KLIMATSANS – 13 September, 2021

Princip för datorsimuleringarnas uppdelning av atmosfären

Man utgår från rutor på marken så stora som Skåne. Atmosfären där ovanför indelas i “celler” på olika höjder. Vädret i varje cell karaktäriseras av 50 – 80 “parametrar”, in-data. Datorn räknar ut hur cellen påverkar de sex omgivande cellerna i steg om ex.vis 15 minuter. Det blir tre miljoner omräkningar för att komma till år 2100.

Läs mer: https://klimatsans.com/2021/09/13/klimatet-kraver-offentlig-debatt-i-en-demokrati/

CO2 is not causing “global warming” – the sun is | NaturalNews.com

Wednesday, August 18, 2021 by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) The main driver of “climate change” is not human activity, according to a new peer-reviewed paper, but rather the sun.

Ronan Connolly from the Center for Environmental Research and Earth Science (CERES) along with his colleagues identified prolific systemic bias in the narrative put forth by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a program of the United Nations (UN), which claims that “global warming” is caused by things like humans breathing and cattle passing gas.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are, in fact, a product of natural sunlight interacting with the natural world, Connolly and his team found. Humans merely existing and going about their business plays no role in climate patterns or temperatures, it turns out.

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Scientists warn CO2 and global warming “biggest misdirection” in scientific history | NaturalNews.com

Wednesday, July 14, 2021 by: Franz Walker

(Natural News) While many so-called experts continue to demonize carbon dioxide and global warming as threats to the planet, others have quietly been criticizing the theory, pointing out faults in its thinking. Now one scientist has compiled comments from others like him who have spoken up against the current thinking on climate change.

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Tege Tornvall om 142 kvalificerade klimatkännare | NewsVoice

NewsVoice | Av Tege Tornvall – 30 maj 202

VETENSKAP & DEBATT. Vi som tvivlar på överdrivna klimatlarm avfärdas ofta som okunniga virrpannor. Men vårt tvivel har solid grund. I min senaste bok ”Tänk om det blir kallare?” refererar jag till ca 300 kvalificerade forskare och experter i olika klimatrelevanta ämnen.

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Swebbtv Nyheter 7 maj 2021.

Av SwebbTV – 7 Maj, 2021

Välkomna till Swebbtv nyheter

Utlänningar som som har fått utvisningsbeslut från landet vägrar nu att ta de PCR-test som deras hemländer kräver för att ta emot dem, för att få stanna i Sverige.

Vindkraften ska byggas ut kraftigt i Sverige. Nu vill politikerna bygga även i tätbebyggda områden. Men det lokala motståndet mot vindkraftverken växer.

Läs mer & SwebbTV(12:58): https://swebbtv.se/videos/watch/bdeb356b-c898-4938-b142-b0d63918cf45

The Great Solar Flash and The Global W@rming Scam! | Prepare For Change – April 22, 2021

From Jamie Phillips: Today I will be concluding the AI article series by talking about how the Elite are trying to fool the masses by moving us into SMART cities by playing off the global warming scam card. As many of you are aware, B1ll G@tes already is acting on his plans to block out…

The Great Solar Flash and The Global W@rming Scam! — Prepare For Change

Face Masks is Health Hazard | The Final Wakeup Call – July 22, 2020

Pandemic is a Hoax

Problem- Reaction- Solution is the Cheat

Get Acquainted with Your Greatest Enemy

The Great Awakening

Freedom is happiness

Presented as Soundcloud recording

Source: Final Wakeup CallJuly 22, 2020

How people intentionally are made sick

The Corona pandemic was and is not deadly for humanity, but has a deadly effect on economics. International mobility screeched to a halt, which devastated industries like tourism, travel, hotel & restaurant business, and broke down global supply chains. Governments are closing businesses and churches and forcing people to stay home. Politicians who promise to pay your rent or send you a check are soaring in popularity. While no one realizes it is all fake money, ending up with hyperinflation. In other words, these promises are a big scam. 

The bought criminal and corrupt puppet governments increased their authority by imposing fascistic watertight rules and restrictions on the wearing of face masks, social distancing and body temperature checks in public areas such as airports, train stations and supermarkets. Even after the virus had subsided, this dictatorial control and oversight continues or is even intensified. Continue Reading →

and video: “George Carlin – Germs, Immune System” (6:26) & Soundcloud: “Face Masks is Health Hazard – by Peter B Meyer, ed Erica Lynn Joseph (7.25.2020)” (19:27) via — The Final Wakeup Call

Nederlands: Gezichtsmaskers zijn gevaarlijk voor gezondheid

De Pandemie is Bedriegerij Probleem-reactie-oplossing is het Bedrog Leer je grootste vijand kennen De Grote Ontwaking Vrijheid is blijheid   Hoe mensen opzettelijk ziek worden gemaakt De Corona-pandemie was en is niet dodelijk voor de mensheid, maar heeft een dodelijkContinue Reading →

Deutsch: Gesichtsmasken sind gesundheitsschädlich

Die Pandemie ist Täuschung Problem-Reaktions-Lösung ist das Doppelspiel Lernen Sie Ihren größten Feind kennen Das große Erwachen Freiheit ist Freude   Wie Menschen absichtlich krankgemacht werden Die Corona-Pandemie hat und wird die Menschheit nicht töten, hat jedoch tödliche Auswirkungen auf…Continue Reading →


Source: Truth In Media

There has been a debate all over the world about whether to use face masks to avoid covid-19. Several scientific studies show that face masks do not help against the spread of viruses and that in case of incorrect use or type of error, they can increase the risk of getting sick from viruses. They also have other negative health effects.

Det har varit en debatt över hela världen om man ska använda ansiktsmasker för att undvika covid-19. Flera vetenskapliga studier visar att ansiktsmasker inte hjälper mot spridning av virus och att de vid felaktig användning eller fel typ kan öka risken att bli sjuk av virus. De har även andra negativa hälsoeffekter.

Video(12:46): https://truthinmedia.com/face-masks-according-to-science/

Credit: VAKEN.se