Ter ‘Aka Blue Avians via Galaxygirl | February 2, 2020 — Voyages of Light

(Voyages of Light)

Ter ‘Aka Blue Avians 2/2/2020

I am seeing the Blue Avians surrounding Gaia in blue spheres. I am seeing them working with light codes and light language, adjusting the streams of light from the cosmos such that the light workers can best receive this light in their crowns. I am seeing light language code and symbols descend linearly into the crowns of the light workers on glowing white linen.

Greetings galaxygirl, greetings human friends. We are the Blue Avians. I am Ter ‘Aka . We are showing this one some of the work that is being done so that humankind can best adapt to these upgrades. You have been sick, many of you, or feeling ill because of many clearings, many upgrades. For stuck energy must be moved and it is moving. You are moving up in frequency very fast many of you, and your bodies are trying frantically to keep up. We are here today to remove the frantic, to ease the sickness of the ascension symptoms for many of you have been praying for healing, for assistance during this challenging time. January felt very long, like a year to many of you. And indeed your perception and experience of time has been shifting. It is shifting slowly but surely into the now, so that what you feel is simply now. That is why compartmentalizing time which humans have always done within a time matrix, is perplexing for time is behaving differently, as you are more and more outside of it. For you are doing your astral cleaning, you are working nightly many of you, and you are waking up more exhausted than when you fell asleep. And yet many of you are not sleeping for your bodies are busy integrating these codes of light, as this one has been seeing. Soon you will remember the hieroglyphic symbols of light, the light language codes of many you will begin to speak, to remember. Telepathy you will begin to adapt to with ease and grace. →

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