Healing Survival Consciousness: 6 Steps to Release Your Child Mind’s Inner Conflicts | Wake Up World

By Kelly Tallaksen – October 28th, 2020

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

During our growing up years, there was so much about the world and how we fit into it that we did not understand. We relied on grown-ups to show us, teach us and guide us. The people we relied upon also had to rely on the grown-ups during their growing up years. Does being a grown up mean you are wise and experienced enough to appropriately mentor a child into their adulthood? Not necessarily. It all depends on how the grown-up was mentored and cared for during their childhood years.

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Self Care, Safety and Comfort — The Creator Writings transcribed by Jennifer Farley – June 11, 2019

As you move into your new world, there will be things from the old that will beg you to stay. Thoughts, recurring programs from the past and yes, even people. One of things you need to ask yourself is, “Will keeping this help or hinder my growth and learning?” If the answer is no, then release it. It may be painful and there may be some grief involved but, settling into your new world is about self-care, safety and comfort. You have been working so hard and for so long, you owe yourself these things! The Universe is behind you 100% of the way! ~ Creator

Source: Self Care, Safety and Comfort — The Creator Writings

Yeshua: Life is Meant to Be Enjoyable for All — Era of Light – March 19, 2019

As humanity’s awakening process progresses rapidly and most effectively, it is producing amazing changes all over the world in the way that business, industry, politics, religion, and society in general everywhere deals with theissues that are arising, presenting them with difficult problems that need to be addressed.

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Daily Message ~ Thursday July 26, 2018


With your awareness, we suggest you pay attention to how many times you deem yourself, or others, wrong. You might be surprised to discover it is far more often than you realize. This is a good indicator of how much resistance you are still experiencing towards life.

To shift out of this, you may wish to simply observe when you fall into that habit and then refocus. You might try an affirmation that feels good to you. You could try, “We are all beloved aspects of Source.” “God is guiding me now.” “We are all doing the best that we can.” “We are all in this together.” “Everyone is the master of their own path.” “Everyone has their own innate wisdom as well as the assistance of guides and helpers.” “I trust in the unfoldment.” “I choose to remember who I really am.”

Before you are in a state of resistance, think of an affirmation you can use that helps you feel the energy of acceptance. Even a simple, “I love you”, is a wonderful go-to statement you can apply to yourself and others, for it includes rather than separates, which is an act of acceptance. When you get out of the well entrenched habit of resistance, Dear Ones, you will find much more flow, peace, and comfort in all areas of your lives. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


Daily Message ~ Tuesday July 10, 2018


It is very common to seek control when you feel discomfort. But your discomfort is telling you that you are in resistance to something, and to seek control would be to dig in deeper to that resistance which will only perpetuate the discomfort. What you are really looking for when you are uncomfortable is acceptance, and a willingness to move with the energies with faith and trust.

Your control, while it may seem tempting to seek the reassurance controlling action seems to give, can only offer limited results because it lacks flow and the willingness to follow your soul where it is trying to lead you. Finding acceptance with each Now moment and shifting out of the head back into the heart is the only way you can realize your greatest opportunities and experiences. This will become more and more apparent and important as you move along your enlightenment journey.

We urge you to practice, to try new empowered ways of navigation that are based on co-creation and a willingness to stay in faith and trust long enough to see what gifts the unknown can bring you. This is a skill of great importance for you as the pioneers of the next great phase of your life expressions, for acceptance of your own wisdom, and the wisdom of the universe, is the foundation of forward movement with grace, ease, comfort, and peace. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Source: Trinity Esoterics

Daily Message ~ Monday April 2, 2018


Imagine that you are on a journey that is long and demanding. You are moving as quickly as you can trying to make the most progress possible. Scattered along the way are rest stops where you can pause to catch your breath, honour your body with whatever it needs, assess your progress and itinerary, and rehydrate. You understand the importance of these rest stops and embrace them gratefully when you come upon them. You know they are a necessity for your continued success.

There is no difference between a physical journey and a spiritual journey! The lulls strategically occur to give you what you need to refresh and rejuvenate in order to carry on. Both the action phases and the rest phases serve each other.

You are in very fast forward moving energies, Dear Ones. There will still be lulls but for most of you they will be of shorter duration than you have experienced previously. It is important to embrace them and accept the gifts they offer in order to have everything you need for your comfort and success. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young



Daily Message ~ Wednesday November 22, 2017

Dear Ones, think of what your most ideal life would be like. Feel into the essence of that existence. What one word best captures the energy of that reality? Some of you might say, I would be rich. And that’s a wonderful start. But what feeling would being rich give you? Why do you wish…Read more

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday August 30, 2017

In times of energetic intensity, self care is key. Not just physical self care, but also emotional self care. Many old issues, wounds, fears, and concerns may come up for examination, healing, and release. This process does not need to be traumatic if you are approaching it from a place of balance and love.

If something comes up that is unpleasant or activating to you, we invite you to ask it the following questions. What do you need to feel safe? To be acknowledged? To be comforted? To be healed? To be soothed? To be integrated or released? What do you need to feel loved? What do you need to feel like you matter?

Imagine that you had a line of little children, all with needs that weren’t being met. Most of their needs would be very easy to fix from the vantage point of your adult, empowered self. It would be easy for you to stop and ask each child and then assess and give what it is they needed for their comfort, reassurance, and well-being.

Why not do that for yourselves? Why not, from your more evolved vantage point, see each aspect that comes up for healing as an opportunity to bring peace and comfort to yourself? It is your love and care that will bring a greater sense of inner unity and acceptance, and restore balance within.

You do not need to look for trouble within yourself. As your own caretaker, you can create the environment for you to thrive and then simply address any issues that may come up with your wisdom and divine capability.

And that, Dear Ones, is the beauty of the times that you are in, that you are finally ready to step up and give yourselves the love that you have been yearning for all along – your own. ~Archangel Gabriel



Daily Message ~ Wednesday June 21, 2017

Dear Ones, very few of you are taking full advantage of the amount of assistance that is available to you on a daily basis.

Do not be afraid to ask for our help! No request is too small or too silly. It is our greatest joy to serve and assist you, but as you are sovereign beings we do require your permission to help. You are part of a team – there is no need to carry the load alone. We are just waiting for the nod from you to launch ourselves into action on your behalf.

So simply ask! Ask to be shown the way, ask for unseen solutions to be shown, ask for greater ease and comfort, and be open to the magic, for that is how you move into receiving the love, support and guidance that has always been there for you. ~Archangel Gabriel