Congressman Confronts Zuckerberg About Censoring Information About Vaccine Safety — Collective Evolution – October 24, 2019

(Collective-Evolution)  Mark Zuckerberg was recently confronted by Senator Bill Posey from Florida during a hearing on Capitol Hill about Facebook’s recent censorship on information about vaccine safety. Zuckerberg shared that they are simply conforming with the general scientific consensus, and do their best to censor information that may be harmful to people. This really shows his unawareness about vaccine safety, and he also used the term “anti-vaccine.” Furthermore, headlines are popping up within the mainstream once again reading “anti-vaccine conspiracy theories” and “vaccine misinformation.” This is a common tactic from the pharmaceutical controlled mainstream media, they always use these terms along with ridicule instead of addressing the concerns and points made by vaccine safety advocates. You can watch the Congressman and Zuckerberg’s exchange below, but first, I wanted to put a tidbit of information about why people are concerned about vaccines. →

Read more & video: “Thank you to long time supporter, Bill Posey, for asking Zuckerberg to address vaccine censorship” (5:17) via — Collective Evolution

Secure Team: CONGRESSMAN TO NASA: Ancient Alien Cities On Mars? [VIDEO] — July 20, 2017

Secure Team CONGRESSMAN TO NASA: Ancient Alien Cities On Mars? 7/19/17 (GC note: Congressman Dana Rohrbacher is also a rare truth-teller regarding the real US role in the Middle East)) Published on Jul 19, 2017 Support the channel: Secureteam Secure team is your source for reporting the best in new UFO sighting news, and the strange activity happening…

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