(Videos) X22 Report: Episode 1947: Economic Control, Future Proves Past – August 19, 2019

(X22 Report)

Published Aug 19, 2019

Economic Control, You Have More Than You Know – Episode 1947a

Boris Johnson is preparing to meet with France and Germany to discuss the BREXIT. The establishment will try to stop this, the fear meter is going to be off the chart as we get closer to Oct. NP and CS are rejecting the no-deal BREXIT. Trump is now calling on the Fed to cut rates and start stimulus. The [CB] [DS] are pushing the recession narrative.


Future Proves Past, Distractions, Timing Is Everything – Episode 1947b

TC tweeted out that the NYT does not report real news anymore, Trump says NYT will be out of business. LG says when the truth comes out it is going to be horrific. The push is now on for voter id, JW is exposing voter fraud and bringing it out into the public eye. Trump tweeted that G manipulated the election for HRC. Future proves past, the push is on, the patriots are using distraction, 4d chess moves to prepare for the dump, time is everything.


Matthew Ward via Suzy Ward | August 18, 2019 — Voyages of Light

Suzy Ward – Channeling Matthew Ward – August 18, 2019

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. We have had lifetimes on Earth or other worlds in foment and we know how difficult it is to see souls enduring extreme hardships and not feel sadness, distress and perhaps anger about the circumstances causing those. It is very difficult to keep in mind that most of them chose the experiences to complete third density karmic lessons so they can advance to fourth density spiritually and consciously.

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(Videos) X22 Report: Episode 1946 – Operation Yellow Hammer, OIG Investigations Completed – August 18, 2019

(X22 Report)

Operation Yellow Hammer, Patriots Taking Back The Economy – Episode 1946a

The [CB]/[DS] are trying desperately to gain control over the situation in the UK. They know that Boris Johnson is ready to follow through on a no-deal BREXIT, there is nothing that can stop this. To push fear about the BREXIT, the establishment decided to push out a leaked document called Operation Yellow Hammer. The US MSM is doing the same thing as we approach the 2020 elections, push recession, hoping to scare the people. Trump administration controls the economic narrative, no recession.


Investigations By OIG Completed, Facts Dominate, [DS] Scrambles – Episode 1946b

[JB] and other [DS] actors are now worried because they see the writing on the wall, Trump will win the 2020 elections and they have no blocks. More and more facts are pouring out, this is get the people up to speed on what has been going on and allowing them to connect the dots. The OIG investigation is wrapping up and it is almost time for the hammer to fall. New evidence shows that Mifsud was not Russian operative but worked with the C_A. The wall is being built and LG wants the people to see it all.


Valpåverkaren Google försöker förklara ny visslare som mentalt instabil — NewsVoice.se – August 18, 2019

black samsung tablet display google browser on screen
Photo by PhotoMIX Ltd. on Pexels.com

Google-insidern och chefsingenjören Zachary Vorihes avslöjar via Project Veritas att Google har för avsikt att försöka styra amerikanska val och att Google som företag gör allt det kan för att hämma konservativa åsikter.

Läs mera & videos: Project Veritas: “Google “Machine Learning Fairness” Whistleblower Goes Public, says: “burden lifted off of my soul” (19:34) and ” RT: “Google Immunity Must Be Revoked, Whistleblower Proves They’re “Highly Biased Political Machine” (5:14) via Valpåverkaren Google försöker förklara ny visslare som mentalt instabil — NewsVoice

(Reader Post) AI Technology and the Conspiracy to Enslave Humanity – August 17, 2019

Reader Post | Paulette

Take a look at this short, illuminating excerpt of an interview with David Icke on AI technology and the conspiracy to enslave humanity – It’s an excellent start to an awakening conversation.



David Icke: Video (10:05)

Mongoose: Is Tom Hanks The Next Pedophile to Go Down? — Public Intelligence Blog – August 17, 2019

(Public Intelligence Blog)

We have no direct knowledge but this accusation is gaining traction.
Tom Hanks Accused of Buying 13-Year-Old Girl from Her Father and Raping Her — Actor Isaac Kappy Recently Called Him a Pedophile.

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Yoda: Are Zionists Finally Imploding? — Public Intelligence Blog – August 17, 2019

(Public Intelligence Blog)

Alert Reader writes in:

Likudist self-destructing themselves. Bad personality traits such a dominance, selfishness backfire and cause self-destruction of this major lobby. Watch as their house of cards and domino chains start collapsing as long predicted.

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