(Video) X22 Report: Episode 2099 — [CB] Economic Plan Exposed; MSM Getting Ahead Of Stories – February 17, 2020

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Report date: 02.17.2020

[CB] Economic Plan Exposed, Patriot’s New Economic Plan Is Unstoppable – Episode 2099a

The USMCA is going to bring the jobs back to the US that NAFTA stole, Lt. Gov says this is a huge victory for Texas. This is a huge victory for the US.  The MSM warned us first, then the IMF, the Fed, The ECB and now the WTO, this latest event could hurt the global economy. But the big question is, is it, the fear push is not working. The China trade deal is something the [CB] and Globalist do not want, their plan has been exposed.


MSM Getting Ahead Of Stories, Panic, It’s Going To Be A Very Hot [Spring/Summer] – Episode 2099b

The [DS]/MSM are pushing new stories to get ahead of what is coming, this will fail. The MSM/[DS] are prepared and ready to spin the truth, but this will fail. Barr needed the correct optics and now we see why, the MSM/[DS] are pushing their list of “officials” who say Barr should resign, this is meaningless, this is for show, it is not a grass roots uprising of officials. The Patriots are now moving in for the kill, the attacks, the stories, the officials the events are going to increase, it is going to be a long hot spring and summer.


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(Video) X22 Report: Episode 2098 — Patriots Just Boxed In The [CB]; Barr, Moves and Countermoves – February 17, 2020

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Report date: 02.16.2020

Patriots Just Boxed In The [CB], Did You Catch The Economic Trap- Episode 2098a

The [CB] has shifted away from the trade wars to explain why their system is imploding, they have no moved to the event that they are pushing, but this has failed before it began, watch what happens next. The patriots have trapped the [CB], they have only one option left, print. This will not help the economy, they are now boxed in and exposed.


Barr, Moves and Countermoves, Trump Sends Message To The [DS], Victory Lap Taken – Episode 2098b

The patriots have trapped the [CB], they have only one option left, print. This will not help the economy, they are now boxed in and exposed. The patriots are positioning themselves. The [DS]/Ds thought they had Barr but he out maneuvered them, optics are important. The patriots have been positioning everything to reach the end goal, this is very important because we only have one shot at this. The declas will happen, truth and transparency are the only way forward.


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Feb 12, 2020

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(Video) X22 Report: Episode 2095 — Another Economic Disaster Avoided; Lines Are Being Drawn Between Patriots & Traitors – February 13, 2020

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Report date: 02.12.2020

Another Economic Disaster Avoided, New Transitional Economy On Track – Episode 2095a

The event to bring down the global economic system has worked. This is another failed attempt by the [CB]. The patriots are in control of the economy. Trump and the patriots are now moving forward with the transitional economy, pivot to the Europe, more trade deals, the push to remove the [CB]. 


It’s Time To Wake Up, Lines Are Being Drawn Between Patriots & Traitors – Episode 2095b

The [DS]/D’s have had their turn, it is now the patriots turn, we are in the 15th round and the patriots punch is much more force than anything the [DS]/D’s have ever seen. We are watching the total destruction of the [DS], the patriots have just begun. the line has been drawn between the patriots and the traitors. Watch the patriots next move, nobody is going to walk away form this once.


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The Money Market Riggers — The Final Wakeup Call – February 12, 2020

Experimenting with quantitative easing and negative interest rates

We are living like medieval serfs

Central Banks are not tied to checks and balance audits

The QFS has accounts for each and every human being on this planet

Real money is linked with gold

The great awakening is upon us

(The Final Wakeup Call)

Earning money, when actually getting poorer

Stocks finish at all-time highs. But think again. In terms of real money – in gold-linked, pre-1971 dollars — stocks have been losing ground since the start of this millennium.

We are witnessing the most remarkable episode in financial history. Investors think they are making money, while they are actually getting poorer.

President Donald J. Trump tells the international Deep State Cabal at Davos that the U.S. economy is “spectacular,” while many countries have never recovered from the crisis of ’08-’09. – Be conscious and awake to witness the upcoming financial demolition game on a global scale. Continue Reading →

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De Geldmarkt Manipulators

Experimenteren met kwantitatieve versoepeling en negatieve rentetarieven Wij leven als middeleeuwse slaven Centrale banken zijn niet gebonden aan controles en saldo-audits De QFS onderhoudt voor elke burger op de planeet een bankrekening Echt geld is gekoppeld aan goud De groteContinue Reading →


Die Geldmarktmanipulatoren

Experimentieren mit quantitativer Expansion (QE) und negativen Zinssätzen Wir leben wie mittelalterliche Sklaven Die Zentralbanken sind nicht an Schecks und Abschlussprüfungen gebunden Das QFS unterhält für jeden Bürger der Welt ein Bankkonto Echtes Geld ist mit Gold verbunden Das große…Continue Reading →

(Video) X22 Report: Episode 2094 — Last Desperate Attempt To Bring Down The Economy Has Just Failed; Swamp Trapped And Drained – February 12, 2020

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Report date: 02.11.2020

[CB] Last Desperate Attempt To Bring Down The Economy Has Just Failed – Episode 2094a

Trump and the patriots are continually pushing the [CB] economy to the edge. The [CB] is trying to stop it, this is their last attempt to bring down the global economy, they are out of ammunition. Trump and the patriots have exposed the [CB], they do not know how to run an economy. Watch what happens next.


Ammunition Running Low, No Step 5, Swamp Trapped And Drained, Panic Sets In – Episode 2094b

The [DS]/D’s are trapped, the swamp is being drained and more swamp creature are being fired or resigning, they know it’s all coming down around them. All the cases they have been pushing are now falling apart. Barr, Trump and team have pushed in them into a corner and exposed what they have been doing this entire time. Flynn is on deck, declass of illegal FISA coming soon. Trump tweets out DRAIN THE SWAMP.


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(Video) X22 Report: Episode 2093 — Trump Prepares To Cut Foreign Aid Budget; Barr Assessing RG Ukraine Info – February 11, 2020

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Report date: 02.10.2020

Trump Prepares To Cut Foreign Aid Budget, Ready For EU – Episode 2093a

Trump is getting ready to cut the budget. Trump is preparing for the transition and removing foreign aid and other cuts. This has to happen because a lot of this money in the budget cannot be accounted for. Trump is now ready to tackle the EU. The patriots are preparing it all for the transition.


It Was A Trap, Barr Assessing RG Ukraine Info, Rudy Has The “Insurance File” – Episode 2093b

The [DS] was completely trapped by the patriots. The patriots knew their playbook and led them down the path they wanted them to go. Trump and the patriots have just drained more of the swamp. Barr is now assessing RG Ukraine info. Arrest are coming soon and the attacks are going to intensify.


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