Muslims Risking Lives to Protect Christians from ISIS-Maute Terrorists in Marawi – May 30, 2017


The Maranaos, Muslim inhabitants of Marawi City, Philippines, have shown how much they cared for their Christian neighbors by doing all they can, i.e. even at the risk of being killed in the process, to protect and insulate the latter from the terrorist onslaught.

A family of one Muslim trader has recently been asking the government to stop the surgical airstrikes which have spilled over to their store. Luckily, the Muslim trader, together with his 18 Christian store clerks were on the ground floor at the time of the airstrikes, and they all survived.

The store owner refused to leave the store in spite of the pleading by his own family, which has since evacuated from the city, for fear that his Christian helpers will be killed at the checkpoint manned by the terrorists.

in similar expression of generosity, Muslim Salma Jayne Tamano and her Maranao relatives evacuated from the besieged city of Marawi with 39 Christian settler families. Said 39 families have not eaten solid food for the past 3 Days…

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Finally, Zbigniew Brzezinski is Dead! – May 27, 2017

Zbigniew Brzezinski, the acknowledged henchman of the Rockefellers is now dead, according to an Instagram post by his own daughter, Mika Brzezinski.

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