Hydroxychloroquine needs zinc to be effective against COVID-19 infection, doctor says | NaturalHealth365 – April 13, 2020


(NaturalHealth365) As the novel coronavirus pandemic wears on, scientists and doctors around the world are racing around for an effective COVID-19 treatment, including big pharma sponsored ideas that have many people quite concerned.  But, one potential treatment that’s garnered a lot of press recently is hydroxychloroquine.  But, most people don’t realize what makes this antimalaria medication so effective against COVID-19 … until now. (keep reading!) →

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Successful vitamin C treatment of patients with COVID-19 infection | NaturalHealth365 – March 30, 2020


by: Jonathan Landsman 

(NaturalHealth365) Recently, thNew York Post reported how vitamin C was being used “successfully” by a physician at a New York hospital.  But, the overall media coverage of this news has been mild – to say the least.

To make matters worse, I know of many healthcare providers that are still unclear about how much vitamin C is necessary or how often the amounts should be given – especially as it relates to helping someone infected with the coronavirus.

But, just in case you still have doubts about the effectiveness of vitamin C against viruses, please read carefully this press release (below) by the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service. →

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