Blue Sky Days | Crop Circle Photographs and Tours ~ Lucy Pringle – July 23, 2020

(Lucy Pringle´s Homepage)  I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to be up in the air once more; the feeling of the gentle air on my face and glory of looking all around at our most beautiful countryside; little hidden villages; hamlets; iron age hill forts, white horses etched into the side of hills; church spires, farms and more mundanely swimming pools! Instead of concrete, acres of the most glorious kaleidoscope of fields as the crops are starting to ripen in all different hues of gold. A truly exhilarating and breathtakingly wonderful experience that no matter how many times I have flown, it still gives me that feeling of joy and wonder every single time; my heart seems to sing a special song of thankfulness just for being alive. →

Read more, images, & video: “Circle Hunters: final edit (a new section on COVID and crop circles, plus improved sound)” (26:13) via — Crop Circle Photographs and Tours ~ Lucy Pringle