Golden-Triangle Head Beings: God-Current — Era of Light – July 29, 2019

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We are the Golden-Triangle Head Beings. Hello humans reading these encoded words. This one was hesitant to speak with us and asked us if we were “indeed a thing”, which we find highly amusing. Yes, true, humanity has been so bombarded and enmeshed with inaccurate half-truths and it is wise that you are seeking clarity. Seek clarity in all things, in the inner truth of your own heart-space be your compass. We are a part of the Sphere Being Alliance. We watch over your world as well as many others ➤➤

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Up To You — The Creator Writings via Jennifer Farley – June 24, 2019

The energy you are experiencing now has the potential to change the course of your existence.  Good, not so good, or indifferent, it is up to you.

I can hear some of you asking, “Why would I choose a not so good experience?!”

The Universe will always respond with, “I will give you exactly what you ask for/need/want.”

With that being said and the knowledge that you have the power to create anything you choose…you have been left to your own devices.  This does not mean The Universe has turned its back on you…it simply means that you can create whatever you see fit.  You have the necessary tools and the skills, now it is up to you! ~ Creator

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The Angels: Sleep Time — Era of Light – June 16, 2019

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My dear friends, we love you so very much, Your sleep is a rich and productive time. It is a time when the majority of your spirit leaves your physical ➡

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Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele | June 2, 2019 — Voyages of Light

Voyages of Light

JUNE 2, 2019

Dear readers, we often speak of ascension but our messages are primarily meant to awaken you to the reality of who you are. We seek to help you understand that rather than being simply human physical bodies that must forever struggle for necessities, the reality is that you already embody everything you have ever sought in every lifetime. You are Divine Beings, God in expression, experiencing three dimensional energy.

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The Angels: Your Purpose is So Simple — Era of Light – May 19, 2019

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My dear friends, we love you so very much, So many of you upon the earth wonder, “What is my life’s purpose?” You seek to find meaningful work or meaningful ➡

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Message from Father and Mother God via Galaxygirl, March 14th, 2019

Hello children, this is your Father God speaking. Throughout the ages we have worked together in a myriad of ways, but this is this first experience we have had together that is quite like this! This is a special time of evolving, of clearer understanding, of deep questions, as you clear and clear and clear away old understandings of broken concepts and paradigms. For too long Earth has been a place of disharmony, unbalance, and that was why finding your own inner balance within was so critical, and still is. For you have been surrounded by chaos, by the unbalanced masculine, by alien invaders and misguided humans, it is true. All has not been what it has seemed and now the truths are coming to light and it can be a scary time, but it need not be. I would encourage you to look at these things through my eyes, through the eyes of love and see them as the unraveling of a great mystery of how far love could fall into the depths and then rise again. For that is what is occurring.

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Yeshua: Preparation For Christmas — Era of Light – December 12, 2018

Beloved one, I wish to speak with you now about your preparation for Christmas. And you are saying, “Well, yes, I know, I have a whole list of people I have to buy presents for and people who I want to send a Christmas greeting to; and yes, there’s going to be a lot of…Read more

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The Next Batch of Energy ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton – December 2, 2018

The Next Batch of Energy ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are so excited to see what you all are going to do when you receive the next batch of energy that is coming your way. We have seen some beautiful creations by the artists, writers, and musicians over the past several months, and we have seen the way that others have responded to those creations. So we know that the downloads are having the desired effect.

You are allowing yourselves to be transformed by the energies that you receive, and you are spreading that feeling around so that others may also experience it and benefit from what you have grounded into the physical. Now, the reason why we are particularly excited to see what you are going to do next is because this batch of energetic downloads that is headed your way has laced within it a lot of Arcturian energy and information.

There is a desire amongst all of us from the different star systems to share our culture with you. We want to share our creations, our art, our innovations, but to simply land ships on Earth and show it to you would not only be interference, it would also be the easy way. Now, in some cases, the easy way is not the best way. This is one of those times. It is going to be far more exciting and energizing to those of you who receive this next batch of energies to take what you receive and infuse that energy and information into your creations.

To feel the flow of all of that moving through you is something that must be experienced. To see the artistic creation of one of the Arcturians who is physical and can make such a creation pales in comparison to feeling that same energy flowing through you, not knowing what you are going to do, and then creating a masterpiece of your own. There are so many more stories to be told. There is so much more to be shared, and this galaxy of ours is getting smaller and smaller all the time.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Your Creations ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton – November 27, 2018

Your Creations ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are fascinated by your projects. We talk to you often about relaxing, receiving, and feeling, but we rarely discuss with you how enthralled we are with the actions that you take and with the creativity that you possess and put on display for everyone else in the collective and beyond. We love to see you in the midst of one of these creative endeavors. We love to feel the energy that you infuse into your creations, and we love to witness the beauty, and the ingenuity, and the sharing.

We are huge fans of humanity. The ability that you possess to take the raw materials that are available to you there on Earth and to put them together in a way that has never been before is something that deserves recognition. You all deserve to feel very proud of everything that you do. Every song, every poem, every novel, every film script, every painting, every sculpture, and every house that you build deserves to be celebrated. You deserve to be celebrated for all that you do.

Now, we also want you to acknowledge that you do receive the inspiration from a higher place. And we are not attempting to take any credit for your creations, because you still have to be the ones who get those raw materials together and take the actions necessary to create such beauty. However, we also want you to acknowledge that there is co-creation in everything, and we want you to know that there is so much more for you to download.

There are so many more collaborations ahead of you. This is a very good thing. It is good for you to know that you have been channeling your ideas, your inspirations, and your projects. And when more beings are let in to assist and inspire, think of what can be achieved in this wonderfully diverse galaxy of ours. It is literally unimaginable.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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Daily Message ~ Thursday September 13, 2018


Have you ever had an idea, an inspiration for something you’d like to create or experience, and feel so excited about it only to move into doubt about it a short time later?  We want you to know this is completely normal and why this occurs.

When you discover a new direction your soul would like to expand into, its immediate response is joy and excitement. It feels light and right and full of potential. This is your soul giving you a resounding yes!  It is once you start to really sit in that energy and consider making it a reality that the doubt creeps in. Why does this happen?  It is the work of your ego.

Your ego is much like a toddler who doesn’t care much for sudden change. It is very invested in everything staying the same and feeling in control, and thus, will rail against moving forward in new, unexpected ways. It reacts strongly with fear and doubt, which you, in your sensitivity, will feel. Do not let this stall your forward movement.

All your ego is really looking for is your assurance that it will still be important and cared for. It simply needs your reassurance that it will be coming with you moving forward. To try to eradicate the ego, which is an essential part of your human self, would be to deny a vital aspect of yourself. Unconditional love for self means loving and caring for all aspects of you, and shepherding them forward in ways that meet their needs.

You can simply reassure the ego of its importance and vital role for you. You might even give it a job to help you move forward such as telling it you need it to take care of your body and make sure all its physical needs are met.  You might even tell it you will treat this like an experiment and it can keep track of how you are doing.  If you understand what is going on you can start to see your ego as a growth detector. It simply would not be activated if you weren’t onto something that has value for you and your soul’s expression.

As many of you will be changing your service, and experiencing expansion in new directions as you move forward in the next phase of your incarnation, inspiration followed by doubt will be a very common experience. With your wisdom of why that happens you can simply stop, address the part of you that needs the reassurance and support, and move forward knowing all signs are pointing to your growth and next grand experience. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young