Quiet Mind

Sometimes, there is absolutely nothing to say. Having a quiet mind can be a gift to those who understand the benefits. For those that do not; it can be torturous.  Without the inner chatter, you will begin to hear The Universe and what it has to say to you more clearly. Today, take some time, quiet the inner chatter and listen to the whispers.  Beauty awaits. ~ Creator




Your Gifts And Power

You know who you are, you know what your gifts are and you most certainly know your own power. Even though it may be a bit frightening at first, please understand you were gifted that power for a very specific reason…..to change your world. No one can corrupt or change it without your permission. If…. Read more

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Grow Love — September 17, 2017

Take a deep breath………..and take another. Allow yourself to relax! Yes, it has been a tense time because the ‘fear mongers’ have been working overtime to make sure you stay in this state for a reason. Remember, you are living in the safest time in your human history! In coming together in love and sending…Read more

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Small To Big — September 16, 2017

There is so much beauty and love in your world, however, a few will have you focusing only on the violent and hate. Today, make a conscious decision to find and admire beauty wherever it exists. Even if they are small things; they become a lifetime of amazing when collected in your memory. ~ Creator…

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Need To Know – September 15, 2017

You may become overwhelmed by all the information coming in now and may not know where to begin processing it. My dear one, remember, you do not have to know. All that is required of you is to allow it to come in.  The Universe will take care of the rest. ~ Creator



The Eye Of The Beholder – September 13, 2017

An artist knows that inspiration can come from anything in your human existence.  Opening your mind, heart and soul to the movement of everyday Earth plane experiences may be challenging if you are not used to it, but can be accomplished.  The more your practice, the better you become.
Today, take a few moments to look around you.  See the beauty in everyday things, hear the music in the sounds around you….allow your soul to be safely touched. Embrace ‘beauty in the eye of the beholder’ and it will change you forever. ~ Creator