Saul: Love is Contagious — Era of Light – June 7, 2018

Hello, this is John. As you are no doubt well aware I have not been posting Saul messages for some time – taking a break – so here instead is Chapter 24 from the book “Our Divine Destiny : A Saul Book.” Enjoy. The life that a human leads follows a path of opportunities and…Read more

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The Slow Burn – April 7, 2018

As quiet as it may seem, there is much going on behind the scenes.  You may be compelled to move things along, to push through the ‘slow burn’ that is going on now because you are anxious for the next great leap forward.  The Universe would like to remind you…events will and are happening for a reason, at the perfect moment for the perfect outcome.  As challenging as it may be, allow Divine Timing to take the lead; the outcome will be exactly what is intended. ~ Creator

Source: The Creator Writings

The Ragged Edges – April 6, 2018


Upon introspection, you may feel that your past will hinder your growth during this important time.  The old stuff coming up is a harsh reminder of all your ‘woulda, coulda, shoulda” moments; the times when you had the chance to change and did not, the hurts knowingly inflicted and the bitter, ragged edges of you.

Once again, this is a gentle guiding push to come to terms with, acknowledge, honor and release your transgressions.  Without them, you would not know what you know now, and you would not have the wisdom or awareness necessary for the growth that is in process.  Be kind and gentle with yourself; this is the truest first step to learning and forward movement.

The Creator Writings


Waiting… – April 5, 2018


When things become so heavy you say, “I cannot take another step”.

When situations become so chaotic you say, “I want to run away”.

When your human existence becomes ‘too difficult’ and you say, “I want to hide in a corner and not move ever again”

…know The Universe is right there with you!  Yes, things can be challenging, my beautiful one, but that does not mean it will last forever.  The Universe will wait with you until you are ready to move toward Unconditional Love again. ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

Pay Attention – April 4, 2018


As you continue to move forward the chasm between truths will continue to grow and polarize.  Good, ‘bad’ or indifferent, it is imperative to pay attention to what your heart tells you.  There are many promises being made, many timelines be discussed, however, these are all human speculation.  Trust in yourself, trust in your connection to Unconditional Love and know you will be guided on the path that is best suited for you. ~ Creator

The Beginning… – April 3, 2018


Now comes the uptick, the upswing, the gear up, the uphill climb.  Are you ready for it?  Many, many things will be shifting within and without you, just like those sliding square puzzles you had as a child.  Keep your head on straight and your thoughts positive.  During this part of the shift, others will be coming to you for assistance.  The boundaries you have set in place will be of great help.  It is completely up to you to decide whether self-care or care of others is the order of your day.  You will know the brothers and sisters truly in need of help.  Listen to your heart…it will always guide you in the right direction. ~ Creator

Triggers – April 2, 2018

When you open yourself to, hear and understand another person’s truth, it may be hurtful.  Triggers exist everywhere.  Some will begin a less than positive reaction, others will not.  However, when you open yourself to hear that truth, regardless of whether you agree with it or not, you open yourself to love unconditionally.  If you can hear what is being said without responding negatively this is 90% of ‘the battle’.  You can listen, but you most certainly do not have to agree.  What a wonderful gift! ~ Creator