Gifts – November 22, 2017


The coming shifts are gifts.  Some may be challenging, fun and others may be emotionally trying.  Whatever they are, please remember they are gifts!  You may gain things, some may fall away and others may confuse you but, remember, they are gifts!  With this thought firmly planted in your mind, whatever comes your way will be easy and graceful.  Look forward with hope, dear one.  This is what your Earth plane has been asking to receive and it is well on its way. ~ Creator


Reckoning – November 19, 2017


Your own personal day of reckoning is at hand.  The Universe is offering you the opportunity to take stock of your emotions, thoughts, actions, reactions and change what is needing to be changed.  The coming shift is so huge, so massive that homework is required before it begins. (Smiling) It is time to dig in, my darling one, to get your hands dirty and release all you feel is negative.  This is not saying that the negative will completely disappear.  It will come up from time to time but, with the digging/releasing process started, it will not matter so much.  This is your chance to change your world…do not let the opportunity pass you by! ~ Creator

Dancing Your Divinity – November 18, 2017


Your energy, your soul is meant to dance and, in dancing, you express the divinity that The Universe placed within you at the beginning.
What does it mean to dance your own divinity? It is different for everyone. No two energies dance the same.  It is a matter of becoming whole and safe and well within your unique dance, whatever it may be ~ whatever you are choosing to be at this particular moment in your life. To be comfortable being a witness for another’s dance….that is the challenge.

When you step away, isolate yourself from the connections of others, keep your connections shallow and at arms’ length or let your negative core belief and fears take over, you are giving up the pure joy of participating in the divine dance that The Universe put in place for your pleasure.  You are creating a separation, turning your backs on yourselves and the people you chose to witness for before coming in and joining the journey called “being human”.  Embrace your divinity and dance! ~ Creator

Encouragement To Rest – November 17, 2017


During this time of ‘rest before recommence’, it is very important to release any judgement you may have about yourself and/or others.  You may be saying to yourself, “…but I should be doing ____” or “I have to do _____!”  Actually, you do not! (Smiling) One of the most challenging things for you, as a human, to do is allow yourself the time for self-care.  In your world of ‘doing’, just being is judged as lazy.  Give yourself the gift of resting and know that it is fully supported and encouraged by The Universe.  You are worthy and deserving of it. ~ Creator

What Is Coming… – November 16, 2017


Breathe deeply.  The inactivity around you is signaling a deep shift coming.  You can hear it…like a train’s whistle in the night.  You sit and contemplate how far away it is, when it will arrive and what it will bring.  Now, in the quiet, it is time to think upon what you choose to release, manifest, change or discard from your existence.  Please do not view this task as daunting…see it as a freeing of your soul for the new and brilliant things on their way to you. ~ Creator