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If you have to ask yourself if you are really hearing the voice of The Universe, then you are not. Whenever The Universe speaks, it speaks volumes of truth and there is no denying it. ~ Creator Category: The Creator Writings

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Open Doors

The coming celestial event will put into motion changes The Universe has been planning for some time. It is important to keep this in mind when the things you were planning or have counted on change direction. This ‘side step’ is not meant to discombobulate you (smiling), but to show you other options, directions and…

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Love And Peace

Take a few moments today and focus on the gentle motion of your soul. Touch, teach and learn from those rolling waves of love and peace. Looking inward, find your Divine Spark and thank it for always being there when you need it. ~ Creator Category: The Creator Writings

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One of Those Days….


My darling child; you may have weak days, tired days, cranky and unmanageable days.  You may have days when you feel as if nothing will ever ‘go right’ again.  At the end of those days, it is very important to give thanks for the gifts they have brought you.  It may seem odd to be grateful for situations going awry, however, giving thanks is also a releasing, an opening up of your whole self to a tomorrow being new, more productive and more positive.  Your joy, happiness and growth has never depended on what type of day you have had, but in you being the you The Universe intended. ~ Creator

The Strength In You!

Sometimes, as humans you forget there is great strength in vulnerability, much greater than you have ever experienced. In those moments of dodging, protecting and covering your vulnerability you forget that The Universe has never left you unguarded. Instead, know that you are being lovingly protected, watched and guided through it all. ~ Creator

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