Dance | Heavenletters #1076 — Voyages of Light – March 24, 2020

(Voyages of Light)

God said:

You are a wonder who performs. An actor on the stage of life, you move around and stir things. In the midst of life, you ready yourself for it.

You dip yourself in and out of life. Runner by day, sleeper by night, you are immersed in life, which you yet hold off at arm’s length. You fight the existence of life, or you lag in it, or chase after it, or make too much of it or not enough. Sometimes you would kidnap life and hold it hostage. Sometimes you would abscond from it. You do have a mixed relationship with life, life as a whole and your own-seeming one. →

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Have Adventures! — The Creator Writings via Jennifer Farley – March 21, 2020

The use of the gift of your human existence depends solely on you. You can treat yourself as just a means of delivery, moving from one point to another or you can have adventures along the way. Walking a straight line serves a purpose, but why? Dance! Sing! Love! Play! Be involved in and interact with the world around you the way a child does. The path is not nearly as straight, but it is much more fun. ~ Creator

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The Creator Writings by Jennifer Farley: Joy Is Arriving! – November 16, 2018

It is time to get moving again, dearest one!  Like dragging yourself out of a nice, warm bed on a very cold morning…you may be a bit reluctant to begin.  But, begin you must! (Smiling)  This next surge of change will feel a bit different from the others because there is a great deal of joy attached to it, like a child waking up and knowing they are finally going to Disneyland!

Take this wonderful burst of energy and put it to good use; step outside your comfort zone, explore parts of your inner workings that you may not have touched in years, remember what it is like to be unfettered by heavy, cumbersome thoughts.  Play, dance, love with abandon and know, with certainty, the light you creating now will be sent to every single soul on your Earth plane. ~ Creator

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Help Me Create an Education Revolution! — October 28, 2017

Education Revolution

October 28th, 2017 By Will Stanton Guest writer for Wake Up World My name’s Will Stanton and I’ve dedicated my life to changing the education system. I have created a new education model, called the Six Dimension Model, which aims to empower children in every way imaginable and to help them become who they are. The six dimensions…Read more

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Archangel Michael via Leslie Anne Menzies, May 23d, 2017

Brave Souls, As you walk blindfolded on the trapeze wire of life, you are navigating fields of possibilities for eons unavailable to you. The smorgasbord is now OPEN and the availability of choice, un-limited. Because of all the recent energy shifts,…Read more

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Sandra Walter: Preparing for the Third Wave and Timeline Shift — Golden Age of Gaia – Aug 20, 2016

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe, Our third wave of 2016 will be very significant to our Ascension process. There is much light intel presenting for this particular Gateway, here are the details. Timeline Shift: Over the last few months the intel has been reminding us about the timeline possibility available in September. The strongest wave of…

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