Daily Message ~ Thursday December 21, 2017

Dear Ones, as you experience the longest night of your winter solstice, we invite you to stop and feel the power and comfort of the cycles that naturally occur on your planet that you are all a part of. After a period of darkness there will always come light. After a flow there will be an ebb. Each phase serves a profound purpose supporting expansion and integration.

For many of you this year has been particularly intense. Many of you are ready to emerge from your own personal dark nights of the soul and begin moving back into the light. For each phase you go through, you experience more of your own vastness and connection, and from there can move forward again, with greater wisdom and new intentions in your next greatest expression of self.

So celebrate! Celebrate your emergence once again! Embrace the gifts that have come from the phase that is wrapping up and look forward with your new levels clarity and wisdom that have been attained and are now energetically locked in since your last solstice. There is great sense of empowerment here for you if you can see how profoundly connected you are to it all, for you are supporting the earth through your evolution, just as the planets are supporting you in a cosmic dance of becoming and creation. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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