Love thy Neighbor as you Love thyself | Daughter of Terra — Voyages of Light – February 14, 2020

Be ye ever thankful for all you have. Be it a little or a lot for the previsions you have come to you so that you may make beauty. It is not so that the measure of man is in what he has. But rather in what he has to share with the world to make it beautiful, more loving, more caring, more harmonious. Be ye ever mindful of the comforter within who knows you ever so much and loves you more than you can comprehend. It knows not condemnation, but loves unconditionally. So much in fact that sometimes its missed because it has been heretofore unknown to you, in the land of conditions. So it waits silently until you are ready to let just enough love in so that you can hear it speak. Love yourself and you will know love like you have never known it before and then you will teach the world this love so that it is known by all.

I Am. Daughter of Terra.

Source: Voyages of Light