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By Stew Peters Show – Published September 20, 2021

AUDIT: Wendy Rogers Confirms Routers OBTAINED! Results Promised Friday!

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Cryptocurrency DECEPTION! How to Avoid Losing it ALL!

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MRNA “COVID Vaccine” Hidden in SALAD GREENS!

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PHARMACY DANGER! Woman Seeking Flu Shot Gets COVID Jab!

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Nurse: “What I’m Seeing is CRIMINAL”

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Mandated Medical Worker Has Both Legs AMPUTATED After Jab

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Hospital Security Guard Reports MAJOR Mistreatment, Refused Treatment of Patients

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VIDEOS: US News & US Politics | Stew Peters Show – August 27, 2021

By Stew Peters Show – Published August 27, 2021

Propaganda Alert! Pandemic Babies Have Lower IQ, Cognitive Development Issues


School Board Member Masks Kids, BUSTED UNMASKED With 10,000 People at Concert!


Doctor Reveals Source of School Board Power, Exposes Weaponized Police


Thought Crimes Lead to ARREST! Chris Sky Jailed Twice in Two Days, Globalist Crackdown


Senior Trump HHS COVID Advisor Drops BOMBS! Task Force Mislead POTUS, No “Pandemic”


VIDEOS: US News & US Politics | Stew Peters Show – August 26, 2021

By Stew Peters Show – Published August 26, 2021

GA Governor Candidate Predicts Civil Uprising , BLASTS GOP Over Audit


Anonymous Flyers Featuring “Clot Shot” and “Child Abuse” Sent to School Board Members’ Homes


“The Great Resignation” – 54% of Workers Considering Quitting Jobs


Sheriff Clarke to Capitol Police Command Staff: “Why the Secrecy”


Respiratory Therapist Exposes COVID “Cult”, Why Hospitals Are Full


US News & US Politics | Stew Peters Show – August 25, 2021

By Stew Peters Show – Published August 25, 2021

Financial Expert Predicts “Rug Pull”, Says Market is Fabricated

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It’s a RACE! Tyrannical Globalists Are CAUGHT! Full Court Press is ON!

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Massive Global RISING UP Happening NOW! COVID Lies EXPOSED!

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WOW! Former Pfizer Employee: “Checkmate. Game Over. We WIN”

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U.S. News-U.S Politics | Stew Peters Show — August 24, 2021

By Stew Peters Show – Published August 24, 2021

Did FDA Approve Pfizer ‘Vaccine’, or NO?


Former FBI Agent: “We’re at War” – People Paralyzed With Fear, How to Prepare For Battle


Report: Feds Create Laws to Target, Jail Conservatives Opposing Biden Regime


Biden Paying Farmers to BURN CROPS, Un-Vaxxed No Fly List


LIVE From the UK! British Military Veteran Describes VAXX War on KIDS.